Mercedes Sprinter Romania TV Skin

Romania TV (1) Romania TV (3) Romania TV (2)

Romania TV Skin for Mercedes Sprinter Car
Tested on 1.18.x

Dragonmodz, Stino reworked by Ficfic, StockiMods, Nicu Skins


5 thoughts on “Mercedes Sprinter Romania TV Skin

  1. DragonModz

    this is really old version there is v4 of the van with working wipers etc…

    1. Nicu Skins

      yeah man, You can remove the beacon ?

    2. Nicu Skins

      at v5

      1. DragonModz

        beacon will stay

    3. This it’s yours or it’s also a stolen mod? Too bad they stolen your work, because this is your work and it’s a great mod!… Unfortunately there are many thieves here (and not only). :(…
      In my opinion, admin, should banned all people who stole others works! They should be banned by username and also by IP (otherwise, only by username, isn’t enough to stop them). If admin will block also their IP, it’s hard for common thieves to steal and upload again others work!;)… Of course, hackers can easy avoid this, but I don’t see a point why a hacker to hack an ETS 2 mod?! But, never say never!:))…
      Anyway, despite of all of this, I like so much your van! It’s an excellent car mod (I mean the last version 5, with wipers fixed)! Congratulations for this and keep up the great and hard work!

      P.S. for people who like to drive cars with cargoes just enable the last version of Bas Damen great mod: “Only Standalone Trailers v 2”:
      Like this you’ll have ONLY trailers for cars in “Find job” (jeep or ones made by yourself) and passengers mods (bmw passengers or ones made by yourself). Of course, don’t forget to enable them in your profile, otherwise you’ll have no trailers at all for jobs. :)…

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