Mercedes Viano


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This mod hasnt been touched for 6 months and its just laying in the hard disk so im releasing
feel free to edit



14 Responses to Mercedes Viano

  1. alecubit says:

    Video Test on my Youtube Channel

  2. Diablo says:

    Video Test HD 1080P 1.26..

  3. ETS2 MAN says:

    change that sound please. And the interior gauges doesn´t work!

  4. AleRugg2 says:

    Speedometer doesn’t work! Fix it, please. And maybe add a better sound.

  5. Matt says:

    So I can do whatever I want on this mod? If that is the case I will take over and make it better 😀

  6. javadmo says:

    read the description before commenting again

  7. chauf says:

    can you make a mercedes amg c 63 please??????

  8. Marc says:

    Dear Modders,

    this is such a good model, that its worth to do more work on this, so please can anybody of you add or change:
    -Ingame Number Plates
    -Engines and Engine Sounds
    -Working gauges
    -Set the steering wheel an little higher, so that the gauges are properly visible

    I already tried to change engines and soungd but I failed :-/

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