Mercedes W212


Mercedes W212 in good quality for ETS2.
Credits: Nikita Zebrov, by_maz_man

Uploading to other hosts is strictly forbidden.


16 thoughts on “Mercedes W212

  1. VIDEO

  2. is it for traffic

  3. No he is by Renault

  4. four witch patch

  5. Tim Seerden

    Why does it replace the Renault Magnum?! Please change it to Mercedes!

    баг хуже нет мод ужасно сделан!

    1. ###! This is just ridiculous! I’m wandering why some “moders” don’t even care about to make tests or something before put their “mods” on net?
      Anyway, making mods like that is beyond good and evil.
      Moder, such a shame on you.

  7. EddSteelSeries

    it is a total fail, dont try it

    1. who is the fail?

  8. yes thats not good

  9. you cannot put the tyres on. You see ingame also the Renault interior mixed with the mercedes interior. It should be a amazing car when that is fixed.

  10. Ziad England

    Th downlod site is blocked

  11. stiffmeister

    this is bad! don’t ever try to upload your mod here, before you test by yourself

  12. i cant find the wheels and the interior needs more work and so does the lights and sound

  13. dan hooker

    it don’t show in the Mercedes or Renault store

  14. Mercedes lover

    Plssss Mercedes w211 plssss or mercedes w210

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