MF Farms v1.4


Map Update MF Map Farm 1.4 now available.

– Many new innovations
– New farms
– New businesses
– New trailers
– New sections
– Dual carriageway to the ,
– Map single part.

Rafael Omodei, C.BR


19 Responses to MF Farms v1.4

  1. lollo2604 says:

    game crash!!!

  2. Nikolay says:

    made 6 flights map is stable

  3. Nikolay says:

    Сделал 6 рейсов карта работает стабильно!

  4. kosmos says:

    Не идет все время вылетает game crash

  5. matpol98 says:

    Is it like a hole new map or does it just add some things?

  6. WobblyCaptain says:

    works fine start a new profile and select new map not Europe

  7. n00bs says:

    Awesome quality map with some lttle bugs.

  8. David says:

    Well I just did my first run on this map….AWESOME!! Thank you Rafael Omodei, C.BR for a super cool map!

  9. WobblyCaptain says:

    Like I mentioned works fine here is a video of a job I did on the farm map with my usual style of commentary lol

  10. townterrier says:

    started new profile, started game with no mods except map and everytime crashes to desktop.
    cant seem to get it to run at all

  11. Peter Shabalala says:

    I installed the map, continued with my current profile. I also have TSM 6.0, gt runs fine. thanks a lot..

  12. amoore100 says:

    Does it require 1.18x and/or Scandinavia DLC?

  13. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Here is a delivery completed with some exploring of the roads and cities of the map….

    Picked up cargo in Itaguanda
    Teleported to Faz.Caruaru
    Explored the cities and some roads
    Delivered cargo back in Itaguanda 2944km run

    If having problems getting the map to work, directions on how to install the map is available in the video description.

    A couple things…..
    when I first started with this map, I had the same problem as user townterrier ‘started new profile, started game with no mods except map and every time crashes to desktop. cant seem to get it to run at all’

    For me, I had to start the whole process over again…. delete the profile that I just created, create another profile, activate the map mod, change the playing module, and I picked a different city to start from than the one that was already chosen for me on the screen. The map started fine after that. (That is what happen to me)

    Also, I was thinking that where some of the companies are at, there
    should be a few more cities that should show up on the world map
    screen. Maybe I am wrong?

    For example, I picked up cargo in Itaguanda. But that name does not show up on the world map screen. If you played the map long enough, as the jobs start to spawn, you will see in the freight market that there are some city names that you would deliver cargo to does not show up on the map.

  14. james says:

    Hello I have run the map from the first try and have not had any problems. The very idea of trying to accomplish the pick up of cargo in the time alloted is somewhat hard to do because in some areas there are more gigantic rock filled roads than it seems appropriate for the map since the idea is to get from point a to b without teleporting to accomplish this. In some areas 4-10 klm is top speed if you want to keep the money you earn instead of using the $ to repair your damage the roads cause. The map in its idea of being off road style, barnyard friendly and downright frustrating has been fullfilled in my book. My only suggestion is LESS ROCKS and MORE DRIVABLE ROADS.
    The next improvement should be leveling out pickup entry points instead of having to get a run at it and hope you don’t get highcentered .have a way to make a complete run of the existing roads without have to backtrack for two hours or teleport for the next pickup.
    I will say job well done as a whole and really keeps you guessing what is over the next mile high hill climb. Will be waiting for the next suprising update.

  15. Walter Plinge says:

    I get that it’s a farm map, but could there be less bumpy roads? just a suggestion – Good map BTW

  16. Theosz says:

    Rafael Omodei,

    I can’t play because the file .rar is in wrong format. this is the message I got when I try unpack it

    • DC-David says:

      I am unable to open it either now. I am trying to run this map again, but something is wrong with the rar at sharemods. Too bad too as this is a great map. 🙁

  17. niknor2015 says:


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