MHA Pro Map EU 1.9 for ETS2 ver.1.16.x by Heavy Alex


Hello! This the most newest MHA Pro Map EU by Heavy Alex. Enjoy!
Sorry for my bad english 😛

Heavy Alex


14 Responses to MHA Pro Map EU 1.9 for ETS2 ver.1.16.x by Heavy Alex

  1. Darren says:

    hope it’s as great as the previous map =D but umm shouldn’t the download link take us to your website?!

  2. LEA says:

    thank you very much MR. Heavy Alex ! for me the best map for ets2 ! 🙂

  3. Vader says:

    Warum zum Teufel ist ein sicheres Passwort?
    Why the hell is inserted password!

    • Vader says:

      You want to sell me this card?

      • MsHeavyAlex says:

        Who want to sell you map ?? …. and if is something in you …then you’ll Donate something for all effort and work on map too …

        You can be happy that you get always FOR FREE that map , because I must pay for some programs !!

        • Vader says:

          MsHeavyAlex, I am really glad for your free card! Just do not understand why there password. I am impressed by your job! Keep going! Good luck!

      • Vader says:

        What do you mean? You now learn to write?

  4. Piratxxx11 says:

    Why not respect original link???? WHY???

  5. Ralph says:

    Hope you have finally got rid of the tunnel just south of sheffield. God knows why its there, as we dont have one here…

  6. LEA says:

    omg kiddys ! stop f… flame and respect the hard work from moders ! !!

  7. kd smith says:

    I wanna ask, wil Dis map work without dlc going east plz I wann download it.

  8. jeanmichel says:

    bonjour c’est compatible avec la version 1-16-2

  9. Woha says:

    Dobar dan!

    I think about to modify a Company and my target is to Set for example Company Africa only in defined Region, lets say Africa in combination with TSM Map.
    Then I would like to add or modify 2nd Company let’s say Company Africa Export located only Algier.

    Company Africa
    IN Company Africa & Company Africa Export
    OUT Company Africa & Company Africa Export

    Special I would like to give this Company Trailes like US use in ATS.

    Company Africa Export
    IN Company Africa & regular Companies
    OUT Company Africa & regular Companies

    I’m verry new with modifying Data and would ask if you can share some experience and give me words of advise?

    Cheers Woha

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