MHA Pro Map EU v 2.0

MHA Pro Map EU

For version ETS2 1.19.x

– In Manager mod (game)

Author: Heavy Alex


19 thoughts on “MHA Pro Map EU v 2.0

  1. Thank you, Alex. This is a very beautiful high quality map!

  2. if you wanna do MSHeavyAlex a favor : please put in the right info
    its not only adapted/adjusted for mod manager,
    also dead roads in hungary and other stuff are changed or fixed whatever was needed or required so it will work normal and without error/crashes in v1.19

    1. Piratxxx11

      4Tasja-mod manifest-not for function to MAP ..MAP work in Hungary, work in all countries..little mistake in A2 route near Gratz-my mod to disable road block-map work , NOT!! MHA upload new map, without this..ok??

      1. then you are misinformed in my email and on his FB page he explains he has fixed roads cause it wasnt working 100% with hungary 😉
        I am sure i am right cause i asked MSHeavyAlex myself.

        but it is okay if you dont believe me i know what the truth is for myself

  3. WhuaaaT ? Where we see something about new patches ? This is bullsh%T !!

    1. kakasi you might wanna try this one :

      scroll down for the downloadlink in his description 😉

  4. WobblyCaptain

    This is a good map I downloaded from his blog page and expect to cover plenty of miles on this map.
    Thanks Alex

  5. as always a good and clever map my freind alex ,please like his work and stop moaning, as works fine.he spent a day to fix the problems

  6. thank you ms heavy…..;-)

  7. Heavy Alex

    Thank you guys, enjoy !!

    This map MOD I will not update anymore, because I work already sometime on my new map …which will be out somewhere on the end of September.

    1. always a pleasure to use your map 🙂 you put hours of work into the map to improve for all players.

      big thank you here from scotland and cant wait to see what else you have in store for us 🙂

    2. thank you for map. is this compatible with rus map v1.5.2?

  8. olivier briffaud

    je viens de l’installer dans mon fichier MOD, MAIS qand je démarre, mon jeu plante meme avec que ce MOD. Surement que j’ai une manipulation a faire pour que cela marche. Pouvez-vous m’aider?

  9. olivier briffaud

    le jeu plante quand je l’installe.

  10. ai traffic mod ??

  11. Thank you for this map, good work!! It’s compatible with other map?
    For example RUS Map 1.5?

  12. Varecga72


  13. nice to see a fellow scot on hear darren

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