MHA Pro Map EU v 2.2.1

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ChangeLog : new in ChangeLog from last update

ETS2 – MHAPro EU 2.2.1. (Compatible with 1.22.1 None-steam and Steam and higher):

1. Fixed “invisible wall” on highway E16 in Norway
2. New gas station Mudatruckers on highway near Frankfurt (D) with new roads
3. Fixed 12-15 small mistakes and problems on map

Author: Heavy Alex


13 thoughts on “MHA Pro Map EU v 2.2.1

  1. in def file in countri folder have still missing files with license_plates and speed_limits.sii files. Author when add them

    1. HeavyAlex

      In my data inside DEF you have those document … look on picture (copy/paste)

  2. Cosmin_ro

    Hey! I want to use your map on my suitable carrer but do i can remove it without errors if i wan’t stop plaing on it and get back to original map?

    1. HeavyAlex

      you want remove my map out ?? go in MOD MANAGER in Profile and check it on right side and click that arrow to left …and it will be out … for better work … will be if you remove all MODs which you use from mod folder where has game data in “my documents/ets2/mod”


  4. есть ли фикс для запуска без dlc scandinavia ?

  5. Titonator

    is it compatible with promods, rusmap and russian open spaces?

  6. David A King

    Hey Heavy Alex have always loved your work and am glad to this on the heals of the new update. However have a problem can not figure out at all, so thought would post here. I downloaded bothe files and activated them in mod manager like always with the mods havw always used with map, I keep a list of what mods works with what maps. Loaded profile was using game crashed, went without mods and game crashed again. It has always worked with this stuff so you see the puzzle. Doing what have had to do in past when updating through Steam and deleted game except for mod folder and redownloading. This has worked in the past and is getting to be the norm for this game with Steam. Major game update might as well delete game and re download.

  7. Hey heavy alex can yu answer my question…..what is the different between tsm and mhapro map or promods ??????

  8. Does this map add Portugal?

  9. Reece Porter

    This map is just rubbish, it really is, all work is taken from promods, the guy cant even make a railway crossing fro gods sake, took him 4 days to make a hill, this map needs to be removed from all mod sites

  10. another game update so this map won`t work, I did wonder why the game kept crashing… so all the hard work that has been done to update this map , and it no longer works 🙁 … Please Alex can you update this to the latest update

    Merry Christmas

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