MHA Pro Map EU v 2.2.2


For version : ETS2 1.22.x

ChangeLog : new in ChangeLog from last update

ETS2 – MHAPro EU 2.2.2. (Compatible with 1.22.x None-steam and Steam and higher):

1. new – Spinnaker Tower model in Portsmouth (UK) – thanks to ProMods team, specialy to Nico and Scul
2. fixed some bugs, and change and fixed some my mistakes in MOD
3. new Prefab from 50keda – shopping center with AI traffic on parking
ALDI – Dortmund, Dresden, Lodz, Olsztyn, Remscheid
MERCATONE – Trevisio, Venezia
HOFER – Unken
LECLERCE – Bossancourt, Dieppe
TESCO – Kosice, Prague

Author: Heavy Alex


18 thoughts on “MHA Pro Map EU v 2.2.2

  1. Need DLC?

    1. Hi guys I am finished with my work on EU 2.2.2 UpDate MHA map so I release it.
      If you want play that map MOD EU 2.2.2 you need both big DLC’s , DLC East and DLC North !

  2. darnellm09

    Cool, had a feeling that last version had some bugs, seemed to keep crashing my sim, I’ll give this update ah go! Thanks for all your hard work Alex! “Uncle D”

  3. awesome Alex, happily download as always. best map mod iv ever come across for ets2. keep up your fantastic work and happy new year to you

  4. breizhdave

    woks with rus map 1.6 ??
    thank you

  5. Russian beast

    It’s impossible to download. Waiting, waiting, waiting… Please load your map at another file depot.

    1. Russian beast

      Sorry, Alex, it was UBLOCK that prevented the download. Ups.

  6. it’s crash for me when the game start loading
    someone help me please

  7. Crashes the game.

  8. Haweky Truucker

    I have you same problem, the game crashes when I play the map

  9. Great map, always enjoyed your work but have you made the AI more ignorant as they always pull into my lane with not much room to slow down a heavy truck.

  10. BIG thx Mr.heavy….. 🙂

  11. Heavy Alex

    Those who have problem, you must know that game work with some basic rules :

    1. Profile must be just for my map MOD (+ work with Russian map too)
    2. use MODs which are for version which you play
    3. if you use some broken or incompatible which cant work with other MODs, dont blame my map MOD !!
    4. if you want help ,you must contact me on mail, and send me GAME.LOG after your problem
    5. if cca 12.000 people play my map MOD without any problem, then those who have different problems ,have problem with other MODs which are not compatible or fight with each other,or have problem with there save Profile


    p.s thank you to all players on support !

  12. WobblyCaptain

    If installed correctly the map works fine I also added the Russian map which links correctly.

    Thanks Alex 🙂

  13. fonctionne parfaitement belle map

  14. David A King

    The only problem I have run across and this may help others, If you have TSM map in your folder, just in the folder but not activated in mod manager, pull that out then put Heavy Alex work in. I have found that for some reason the TSM map conflicts with this map even though it is not activated in mod manager. I have no crashes once I did that. Alex great work. I use most all the American style trucks and enjoy your map.

  15. not working ,Game version public beta 1.22 ja not working this maps,? what I have to do to get the game to work with the card?

  16. are you going to update this for v1.23

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