MHAPro EU 1.25 for ETS2 V1.25.x


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ETS2 – MHAPro EU 1.25 (Compatible with 1.25.x None-steam and Steam and higher):

1. harmonized MHAPro map number with SCS update’s !! (no matter on past numbers)
2. fixed all problems with trailers textures in new update
3. fixed compatibility MHAPro MOD with new SCS Public update 1.25.x
4. fixed some small problems, mistakes and bugs
5. fixed Toll gate near Chamount (F) on highway A5

Author: Heavy Alex


29 thoughts on “MHAPro EU 1.25 for ETS2 V1.25.x

  1. why+register+?

    1. Heavy Alex

      is it so hard to do that ??

      come on … dont be lazy …on other hand, from my server you’ll get always good version of game …

      for other download you can not be sure how old are they … it is easy to remove data out and change name and number to mod

      1. Ciao Heavy Alex, I share your ideas, I can not stand those who steal the mods who does not respect the credits, who blocks the free mods without permits.
        But I am not very agree to register, for a simple reason
        if all the modders use this system becomes a great confusion
        It’s just my view but I respect your ideas.
        Sorry for the incorrect English and good work? ? ? ? ? ?

      2. compatible with steam?

      3. Decided to register and download,looks awesome,great work,…by the way,I’m the one who posted the first comment 😉

  2. Piratxxx11

    Because more people stoled moders works.

  3. The registration page does not work , what kind of joke is this ?

  4. Boris Meier

    passwort ?

  5. That’s fast!!! I am glad that i already use the MHA – map. Its my favorit.

  6. spartacus33

    Thanks Alex… fast to register !!!
    i mixed MHAPro UE 1.25 pour ETS2 V1.25.x with the last Brasil map (with last 1.25 & 2 DCL)….
    if i find mistakes i report here sure…


  7. On the bridge over the donau to linz game chrast
    error in automat/12/6fac7c…………
    wrong syntac E????

  8. MrHypnoisse

    you can block anyone you want (Russians, Germans, French,….), but what you do not know is that there are proxies apps or proxies software so that you can change virtually the IP , ie I am Russian, I am in Russia and I have an IP of United States , that is totally legal and you would not know

  9. JonTheVGNerd

    Need an actual download link for an interesting mod. Also, snow should have a bit of work, but other than that, pretty good mod.

    1. Where can i find the snow roads in this map?

  10. stay in … peace guys …calm .. ;-))
    btw , thanks Alex for nice job …

  11. mister-twente42

    keep up the good work alex. i don”t have a problem to pay for it or register, your naps are Always good to play. thx for that.

  12. mister-twente42

    i mean maps.

  13. miaoumixed


    Thank you very much for this map, great work.


  14. trucker.tom

    i am trying to sign up your website its aload of #### as i am putting the right stuff in and its still saying im putting the wrong things in SORT YOUR SITE OUT

  15. Pat Stringer

    Alex thank you very much for your work 🙂

  16. hello alex Thank you very much for this map

  17. spartacus33

    Finaly … work perfect on 1.25… thx Alex !!!

  18. love the map but whenever i try do a job to felixstowe the game crashes when i drive into the city

  19. Alex i carnt get it to work on my game it crashes as its loading

  20. Game crashes driving the Scania RJL coming into Nuremberg both from the North and East,both in 32 and 64 bit

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