MHAPro EU 1.27 for ETS2 V1.27

Change Log :

ETS2 – MHAPro EU 1.27 (Support version with 1.27.x None-steam and Steam and higher):

1. new city Amiens (F) (back on map)
– company Posped
– company Transinet
– company Europa
– company LKW
– company nos_pat_cf
2. new high around Amiens (F)
3. new big cross to Amiens (F)
4. fixed company TNT – texture
5. new city Žyrardow (PL)
– company TNT
– company BHV
– company car_service
– company McDonalds
6. big update of ALL Models and Prefabs which I use (3 weeks work on that)
– around 320 Models and Prefabs
7. Rebuilt whole map in new 1.27 update after 6 days fight with game
8. pull out all Trameri comapnies in 1.26.5 version
9. put back all Trameri companies in 1.27 version and updated
10. fix many small problems which came with 1.27 update
11. fixed all new updated companies by SCS side
12. new road from company Fastrans in Brion (F)
13. new city Selles-sur-Cher
– company Nord_crown
– boisserie
– bhv
14. Paris
– company Leclerc
15. models fixed
16. more problems fixed on map
17. 15.4.2017 – fixed new problems with parking places in companies
18. changed roads from Dijon (F) to Switzerland border + new gas stations
19. changed roads from Dijon (F) to Lyon (F) + new gas station

Heavy Alex


36 thoughts on “MHAPro EU 1.27 for ETS2 V1.27

  1. can’t log in 🙁

  2. Heavy Alex


    with new site , you must Register again !!! Old LogIn data dont work anymore !!

    It will takes you 2.min. You will get Confirmation mail, confirm your mail with link and you can LogIn

  3. Is compatible with ProMods?

    1. no…. nur mit rusmap

      1. ok dank

  4. Do you think you’re very important? If you already require registration, then at least make sure that the registration works as well. But if you have no idea, then let your fingers of it! Can not register. Then keep your muck.
    Sorry Google translator. I’m German.

  5. Waltencyr

    can’t log in!!!

  6. Piratxxx11

    All INFO in page!!! or here :
    NOT compatible with ###### promods 😀 😀 😀

    1. Piratxxx11AH

      Nice comment Pirat. But the 11 in your nick is your age? The only ###### things are you and your comment.

      1. Hahaha good one man 😀
        Yeah that’s probably he’s age, cuse all of his comments sound like they coming from a 10 year old douchebag..

  7. Danke für das Löschen meines Kommentars. Find das echt Kklasse hier. : ( : (

    1. Piratxxx11

      YOU are ###### #####!!!

      1. Guest_1221

        Dont cry

    2. whodoyouthink

      Thanks for the links. My old account doesn’t work on the new site and I can’t register a new account either…the new website SUCKS.

    3. nportegies skins

      2 nights had to make 2x an account. What a drama is the road site of my pro-mods.

  8. m usman aslam

    can’t log in plz help

  9. with what maps did that work?

  10. TruckerJacob

    No problem with login
    It’s works verry good
    Thnx for the upload verry nice work
    I can drive on my favorite mag 😀 😀

  11. G.F.Later

    -Is there a loading order?

  12. Andreas71

    Login works fine after registration, you just have to activate your account via the activation email.

  13. hey nice map , first time i use it. however i can-t find those @new city … shall i create new profile or what is wrong ?
    i don-t have any other map mode, i tryed goto … amiens and the others and still nothing. i don-t see them on map at all ..
    1. new city Amiens (F) (back on map)
    2. new city Žyrardow (PL)
    13. new city Selles-sur-Cher
    1. new village Paluel
    2. new city Dieppe (back in map)

  14. can’t log

  15. I have an account Andreas71 🙁

  16. Przemek82W

    The author of the map wrote:
    Because I have totally new site, old Account data dont work anymore… so you must Register again and you will get Confirmation mail. Confirm in link your Mail and you will get access to download place and site.

  17. How big is your map and what contry are in the map

  18. игорь

    я уважаю труд картостроителей,но бред со стороны авторы делать скачивание бесплатной версии карты через регистрацию,очень многие просто плюнут и не будут регистрироваться,донесите до головы автора,что то как он дал возможность скачать бесплатную версию,это тупость с его стороны.

  19. jose farinha


  20. Did everything you said,reregistered,downloaded the files for at least 4 hours,tried again and again,no luck,I give up.You really have to come up with something else Alex.Not going to spend another 4 hours on your map.They don’t even show up in the mods of the game,I think they are empty files,…I’m sorry mate.I know you spend a long time on this map to make it work but… download empty files are really a waste of time 🙁

  21. I think there is something wrong with your new site also,…

  22. Cancel last comments please,I forgot to unzip the files into scs files,now everything works,I’m sorry,…my mistake…my apologies,love your map,…soooo sorryyyyyyyy 🙁

  23. Thanks Heavy Alex. Login OK. Please use Sheremods. it is much faster than Uploadfiles.
    I like your map very much.

  24. игорь

    печально,в карту вшит свой звук+пароль,досвидание карта.

  25. Ziemniaczek

    Plsss add Lubań city on Poland plssssssssssssssss 🙂

    1. Ziemniaczek działa Ci mapa? bo mi wywala do pulpitu

  26. TheOldMan

    ###### map, error error and error this map only has errors PLEASE DON´T DOWNLOAD THIS #### MAP

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