MHAPro EU v 2.3.2 for ETS2 V1.24.x


ChangeLog :

ETS2 – MHAPro EU 2.3.2 (Compatible with 1.23.x None-steam and Steam and higher):

1. fixed all data which are new for 1.23.x version + Billboards
2. fixed “cutscene” for Utrecht (NL) – camera view on start
3. new company in game MOD – MHA_trasport
– city Frankfurt (D)
– Göteborg (SWE)
– Liverpool (UK)
4. fixed Billboards – brightness, luminosity
5. new city North Tawton
– company Roadwork
– company AgroNord
– company Adia_fd_esbj
– company MHA Transp
– company MHA Service
– company Tesco
6. update whole map for version 1.24.x

Author: Heavy Alex


42 Responses to MHAPro EU v 2.3.2 for ETS2 V1.24.x

  1. nerowskyyMonster says:

    Not working???

  2. AlexCrazy says:


    • AlexCrazy says:

      oh, no, it’s real 🙂


        Alex, нет, не фейк, только что с официального сайта MHAPro скачал карту 2.3.2 для 1.24 и уже успел проверить – отлично работает!!!

        • sneshanavirtdalnoboi says:

          Если такой умный, загляни ка на сайт. Там ссылкой нахер и не пахнет. Или поправьте у себя тут. а то пахнет фейком

        • darex2521 says:

          Dzięki za INFO

  3. Philippe says:

    Is it working or not???


      Филипп, карта работает отлично!!! Качайте с официального сайта MHAPro!!)

      • demonessa says:

        Лохотронщик, для 1.24 еще нету версии. У него на сайте только для 1.23 максимум

  4. heavygamer70 says:

    works fine, thank you very much!!!

  5. MoWo says:

    ohhh what that… we must Pay for the Map…? 2€ …tztztz…..

    • heavygamer70 says:

      nothing to pay! there is still free download option from slow server, AND IT WORKS VERY FINE!!!

  6. abdi9x says:

    i dont know what is changes….
    i didn’t find any new map, just satellite view on ECS standard map.
    game are work fine… but could you explain what is this?

  7. Bikkel says:

    to bad why Pay?


      Какой платить!!? Просто скачиваете по бесплатной ссылке с официального сайта MHAPro!!! Если же хотите поддержать труд автора то качайте по платной ссылке (2 евро). Личное дело каждого.

  8. heavygamer70 says:

    nothing to pay!!!! register only and you can download the map for free. please first read correctly!!!

    • Plumply1972 says:

      And who long it takes, to get link via email after being registered ?
      Thank you.


    Нет, не лохотронщик, а если я умнее Вас – вместе взятых, то я не виноват!!)) Зашел на официальный сайт MHAPro и скачал по бесплатным ссылкам все 5 файлов карты 2.3.2 под патч 1.24 а то что на загрузочных заставках красуется надпись 1.23 так это не показатель))). Скоро это дело устранят с обновлением.


    Вот, для непонятливых – карта обновлена: 13.06.2016

  11. Andrew says:

    Never asked before to sign in with a social account to download map.all other mha maps u just click on links , download from sharemods. WHY THE CHANGE?????.sorry,will no longer use your maps until u change this. All other maps on ets2 u just download.Dont like the way Alex is going with this.

    • aatbekema says:

      je moet gord lezen man hij doet zijn werk en da reg kan gewoon

  12. Philippe says:

    Yep me to,even my firewall on PC went haywire!!!! Mr Alex,why change something good in a mess??


    Потому что он автор!!! и как хочет так и выкладывает своё творчество, а Вы бесплатно скачиваете и ещё что-то Вам не так! Не ужели сложно потратить минуту своего времени на регистрацию на авторском сайте и скачать карту без всяких проблем? Я уже устал использовать Гугл-переводчик и что либо вам объяснять!!!

  14. Philippe says:

    I try butt euh,i dont understand #### about it .

  15. Zepp says:


    • Joe says:

      What Email? I haven’t gotten an Email, just clicked Continue and downloaded it in 5 parts.

  16. dimstam says:

    These kind of mods needs a lot of work and spending hours.So i 50% agree with the payment option,but dev must consider put something else for the people dont have the money.I didnt use mods coz i play Mp, but a good work must be apreciated by a donation at least

  17. SlavikSD says:

    У м-ра Алекса с недавних пор появился свой сайт. И в блоге он четко писал, что актуальные версии будет выкладывать именно на нем. А не в блоге.
    По указанной здесь ссылке происходит переход на блог. И если не полениться прочитать пару строк, то можно увидеть следующее:
    “My map MOD you can find on my MHAPro site if you click here !!”
    И кликнуть на клик хер)

  18. Heavy Alex says:

    those who need help, you have my mail on many places !

    policy to download is new…and it will stay this way.

    And if you think, that will change anything in my quantity of downloads, it wont … it just growing thanks to all players who like my work.

    thank you to all those players who decided to support me with donations !!

    • Andrew says:

      Hi Alex,i gave u donations before,but since u going down this road of gathering information ,I will no longer use your maps.plenty of other map’s don’t use this method,and I think u will lose a lot of people.

      • heavygamer70 says:

        Why not Andrew? Alex is just protecting his work. It’s a safe mode from stealing his hard work. And don’t forget, there is still a free option to download from slow server.
        I will continue to support Alex’s work, because it’s simply the best map.

        • Andrew says:

          I have a lot of different maps,and yes Alec’s is a good map but so is rusmap,promods,eaa, I could go on.what I don’t agree with ,Is loggin in with a social far as I can see Alex is the only one to ask for this.and it’s not about protecting his work,its about gathering information on where,when , people are using his until this changes will not use his maps anymore.promods asks u to join,but they have a proper website and are a lot bigger than Alex.

  19. usman hamsafar says:


  20. Philippe says:

    Mr Alex,why acting like a complete ###?? I was fan off yoir map from the verry start and it was never a prob to download your map.
    Butt as so far,i could not able to get the 1.24 edition due gathering info and i NEVER gonna give,so i take TSM – map = 1 person lost by this riddicule thing.

  21. J.F.Later says:

    waarom het makkelijk maken als het moeilijk ook kan.

  22. georgie59 says:

    špatná volba

  23. Tomasz says:

    works great with Rusmap 1.6.3 + EAA map. Thank you

  24. Ahmet Özkul says:

    My geym is kıraşing on 1.24 orjinal versiyon. Pılis help mi May geym is orjinal. bayed on steam

  25. christophe says:

    merci cool

  26. ruszyniemi says:

    work not please download but problem when click and file it says work????

  27. Fosko says:

    Map is very good, thank you for it, but I have one bad experience. I was in Brig, Switzerland and there was snow, because town is in the Alpes Mountains. Ok, interesting and more realistic for game. But, there was not possible to drive through the snowy fields on the road with trailer, and pretty difficult with truck alone. Surface of the snowy road was like glu or swamp.
    I dont know, maybe mistake was on my side, beacuse AI cars had no problem. But it was really frustrated experience and I must cancelled actually work.

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