MHAPro map EU 2.3


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for version : ETS2 1.22.x

Credits : Heavy Alex

ChangeLog : new in ChangeLog from last update

ETS2 – MHAPro EU 2.3. (Compatible with 1.22.x None-steam and Steam and higher):

1. new highway road A30 in UK , from Plymouth to Exeter and N.Tawton (UK)
2. new big cross to Exeter
4. new city Exeter (UK)
– company Sag_tre
– company RCIC
– company Gradis
– company Roadwork
5.redesign road from Warszawa (PL) to Lublin (PL)
– with new gas station
6. new company Lublin (PL)
– agronord
7. new cross on highway M5 with conection road to Exeter (UK)
8. new connection from city Utrecht (NL) on highway A2
9. new part of highway A2 in Nederland from cross with Rotterdam and Utrecht (NL) to A’dam (NL)
10. new big highway cross in front of A’dam (NL) – A2-A4-A7
11. fixed lights on Toll gate near Venezia (I)
12. highway A2 in Nederland is finished .. connection from south to A’dam (NL)
13. redesign road from Bergen (N) to connection to other roads
14. some new places on the same road from Bergen (N) to Oslo
– new gas station
– new parking places
15. new small city Suldalsosen (N)
– company MHA service
– company RCIC
– company Euroacres
16. 2x new big crosses in front of Rotterdam (NL)
17. new small city – village Markhus (N)
– company Nord crown
18. new parking places on some North companies which are not in town center
19. new 3x gas stations around Koln (D)
20. new small city Brig (CH)
– company Fastrans
– company Sag_tre
– company BHV
21. companies McDonalds and Burgerking have from now on output delivery too
22. new city Sierra (CH)
– company Burgerking
– company RCIC
– company MHA servis
23. other small problems, bugs, my old mistakes etc
24. fixed old MAT data in my MOD


23 thoughts on “MHAPro map EU 2.3

  1. thank you mr.Alex…love your maps..!!!!

  2. Mercohaulic

    Does this map work with ProMods

    1. Piratxxx11

      You are a #####??? 😀 😀 😀 😀

    2. G.F.Later

      – No.

  3. Thank you Mr. Alex for this map. I drive long time your V.2.22 and i have so far no problems with the map and my mods.
    Only when i take the ferryboats, in Rostock for example, the ramps are to steep and i allway sit up with my trailers.
    Some roads with stones are to bumpy, so my truck is bouncing.
    But that´s all, otherwise a fantastic map you build.

  4. martijnb23

    what an extension , I uses truck -sim plan , does it work with this?

  5. Agree!

    Great map!
    ..and i have same “problem” in Rostock-ferry
    With a 6×2/4 chassis you stay on the spot…not a “big affaire” just 0(zero) for free cam and F9 for put the truck after the ramp
    Anyway,thanks for this very cool map!

  6. where is 2.3 map??? can only see 2.2.2 which already have.

  7. alain78160

    Le jeu plante même avec un nouveau profil , j’ai installé juste les 5 mods de la map

  8. martijnb23

    what an nice extension , I use truck -sim plan , does it work with this?

  9. Sorry, but download link leads only to version 2.2.2. … there is no 2.3 on your site

    1. Can get right map,EU 2.3,if u click link to his Facebook page.the map is there.think link in here is to old page,Facebook link had map there to download. Search heavyalex Facebook u find right page. I got the map this way.

  10. Crashes game on journey from Alsonyek to Unken.

    00:04:59.785 : [model] Unknown look name ‘default’ on model ‘/model/sign/traffic/dk/roadworks_500m_dk.pmd’
    00:04:59.856 : [model] Unknown look name ‘default’ on model ‘/model/sign/traffic/dk/roadworks_500m_dk.pmd’
    00:04:59.856 : Invalid look index requested for model ‘/model/sign/traffic/dk/roadworks_500m_dk.pmd’, probably a missing look?
    00:04:59.856 : Invalid look index requested for model ‘/model/sign/traffic/dk/roadworks_500m_dk.pmd’, probably a missing look?
    00:04:59.856 : Invalid look index requested for model ‘/model/sign/traffic/dk/roadworks_500m_dk.pmd’, probably a missing look?
    00:04:59.856 : Invalid look index requested for model ‘/model/sign/traffic/dk/roadworks_500m_dk.pmd’, probably a missing look?
    00:04:59.856 : Invalid look index requested for model ‘/model/sign/traffic/dk/roadworks_500m_dk.pmd’, probably a missing look?

  11. not working map in 1.22.2 in 32 bits
    please answer to me

  12. Es la versión 2.2

  13. do you need any dlc’s or promods for this?

  14. It crashes on startup, what can I d o to stop it?

  15. love the map but in the uk where you get to redesign roads like near bristol my game v1.22.3s crash why? please answer me

  16. Near Hannover te game crash!! Please fix it!!

  17. Chris Renken

    game crashes after active all parts MHA promodsI this expansion can therefore not be used for 32-bitThis is for 64-bit or even 32-bit???

  18. im using tsm6.2 and rusmap 1.6.2 and eaa 3.0 what is the loading order? i also have promods does it work with it? my game version is 1.22.8

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