MHAPro map EU v 2.3.1

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here I’m again … lol …. almost every day … hehehe …

So, this time I have new update for ETS2 … for new version …

Here we go :

Name : MHAPro map EU 2.3.1

For version : ETS2 1.23.x

ChangeLog :

1. fixed whole map for version 1.23.x
2. rebuild some 50% Routes which didnt work in new version
3. redesigned some companies in map
4. invisible compnies are now visible
5. prepared everything for next update with new city
6. fixed some small problems in map
7. fixed Billboards – brightness, luminosity

Author: Heavy Alex


18 thoughts on “MHAPro map EU v 2.3.1

  1. Always nice to see you still working on your EU map, Alex!

  2. Russian beast

    Alex, you are giant of a man! Thank you very-very much for your creative work!

  3. pat stringer

    Good job Alex ty :))

  4. Geniet van zijn kaarten

  5. THANK YOU VERY MUCH ! Ms alex 🙂

  6. mitch'trucker

    Thank you Alex. We all enjoy your work so much!

  7. thank you so much

  8. Przemek82W

    Thank you 🙂

  9. will this work with tsm??? i just wanna know …

  10. no me funciona se me cierra el juego que debo hacer quisiera probarlo gracias

  11. I start the game and kept crashing.What should i do?(sorry for bad english)

  12. MAN TGX Euro 6 Driver

    As always, a fantastic job well done ? always look forward to updates for your magnificent map mod

    many thanks from here in Scotland

  13. Gameplay D

    Mod gameplay video:

  14. can make addon for Promod+rusmap+… map can cobine or no possible make

  15. Hey Alex.
    Just to let you know I’ve just driven from Manchester to Glasgow and came across 2 invisble walls on m6 near Carlise………….

  16. works with tsm and rusmap???

  17. Alex, is a good work, but there are a problem, because there are no route betwen LE HAVRE in France and EUROPE. wHY?
    i´M Portuguese

  18. Great to see that you still expanding your map, Always love using it because it looks more real than SCS default map, could you have a option to have defalt rear cam, The cam is too far back for me, Thanks and keep up the great work.

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