Michelin & Goodyear Tires


Replaces: Trailmaster & Elemental Tires
Tested: 1.23x, 1.22x

Created by: BigTrucker

Author: BigTruckerTEAM


5 Responses to Michelin & Goodyear Tires

  1. scaniablack says:

    this is not your mod, but from DaStig!!!!!!

  2. Tumelo says:

    how about same set of tires for trailer?? dat would be nice!!

  3. Lucas says:

    How about Credits?

    The Goodyear tires are from DaStig and the michelins i dont know at the moment,but not from you.
    So stop stealing mods from others and put youre name to credits.

    This Community is the biggest #### i know…

    • zoso says:

      Dear friend you have to think before you write
      in this community there are so many people right
      you just have to stick these elements and not the whole community
      I fight every day against those who break the rules

  4. chefprutser says:

    He’s using da stigs hd texture (or must I say STEALING!!!)…. THANKS FOR STEALING HIS WORK!!!!…..

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