Michelin Tires for 1.25x


– With this mod your truck can have better stability in high speed!
– Perfect Graphics (HD Textures)
– No Bugs

Test: 1.25x, 1.24x
Support all DLC!

Author: JayJay2k16

DOWNLOAD 342 KB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 342 KB [Uploadfiles]

13 thoughts on “Michelin Tires for 1.25x

  1. abasstreppas

    There’s no HD texture in this mod, just a 512×512 px dds-file. Just saying…

    1. 🙁 so it’sthe same since 2013…..

      1. 😀 its not same mod since 2013 not working on v1.25

  2. … and additional, the font with the Michelin-man is wrong painted. Nobody paints outside of the silhouettes. 😉

  3. never saw dual 385/55 tires on rear
    Do you have any idea how ###### it looks in real life?

    1. JayJay2k16

      Create better 😉

      1. Give up already?

  4. Epic fail, epic fail, hahahahaha.

  5. RobertDee

    In my 1.24 (Dutch Map) didn’t work.

    1. JayJay2k16

      This mod not working with Dutch or other maps!

  6. Couldn’t be more wrong with “385” on the rear… Fail.

    1. He try to steal other’s mod but fail miserably ???

  7. Paleraider

    I´m looking for ” B I G ” Tyres you can see at the http://www.MAN-TRAC.de gallery
    up to 400 mm wide on front and 700 mm on the rear axle
    like this one in the link:
    I mean the orange one , in second row , the middle one !!! 😉

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