Michelin X® Multiway3D Tires


6x wheels with Michelin X® Multiway3D tires, 4x Frontwheels and 2x Rearwheels.
The Frontwheels comes (with bolt plate or without) in Steel and in Chrome. All the Front Tires is Michelin X® Multiway3D XZE Tires.
The Rearwheels come in Steel and in Chrome. All the Rear Tires is Michelin X® Multiway3D XDE Tires.
Used some model parts from some wheels made of Kamil S, to build my wheel models. Used real Michelin logos on the Tires.

The wheels fits on all trucks

tested in & in 1.9


Credits: Big T, Kamil S, MICHELIN X® MULTI™, SCS software


14 thoughts on “Michelin X® Multiway3D Tires

  1. abasstreppas

    Looking really good. Thanks!

  2. nice model but slow down a lot mi pc…

  3. @dr_jaymz you may have a really really slow computer if this wheel pack slower your pc 😛

    1. Dragon.911

      Some addon wheels have more polygon counts than a whole game trucks… 😉

  4. Really nice, thanks…

  5. Great MOD!

  6. Kill4MeHILL

    Not bad, looks almost identical to 50keda’s wheel pack.
    Unfortunately i notice your tire treads produce a sort of reflective glare or white line effect, only when wheel is turned and looking directly at the tire tread.
    I’m running on very high graphics on good pc, so i never experienced any lag. I would only recommend that the color of the tire be lees bright, like more grey looking than the \wet black look\. Nice Try!

    1. Exactly, I love this mod, but like you said there is a white line when you turn the wheels, it doesn’t bother me that much, but it’s not really nice when taking pictures.

  7. Maybe you right… the rims are too bright/white.. i have made a new version of the mod with a darker/normal and changes the alpha channel from bright white to less that 😉

    I have updated the download link to a new pack with both mods.. the old & the new version

    Its the same download link as before 😉

    Enjoy 😉

  8. They were good anyway but yes, that’s a lot better, thanks Big T…

  9. upload to another filehoster

    mediafire dont works

  10. !!! Good work keep it up !!!

  11. MandrakeCrimson

    They look good. Very good work!

  12. Mr.Mostafa

    Good work, tnx

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