Mighty Griffin & V8 Backlight

Mighty-Griffin-&-V8-Backlight-1 Mighty-Griffin-&-V8-Backlight-2

-This mod adds new backlight.
-Tested on 1.24.x

Author: Metehan Bilal


16 Responses to Mighty Griffin & V8 Backlight

  1. terje says:

    Nice work!Does it work on scania RJL?

  2. aleksey says:

    Сделай пожалуйста,для scania RLJ.

  3. matpol98 says:

    Very nice, hope to see it for the rjl at some point

  4. tbotond23 says:

    Hello! Please make it for RJL 🙂

  5. tbotond23 says:

    Hello,please make it for RJL 🙂

    • terje says:

      He don’t have time to do it he said to me!so we must respect that he has no time to do it

  6. wegger says:

    RJL please

  7. Christer Lind says:

    Do I need the DLC Mighty Griffin for this?

  8. Metehan Bilal says:

    Thanks for the feedbaks. I will make it for RJL.

  9. mike says:

    pls for rjl trucks

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