Military Addon for Ownable Trailer Doll Panther v 1.3.1

Adds 50 military cargo for ownable overweight trailer Doll Panther
You need main mod ‘Ownable Overweight Trailer Doll Panther’
Priority in mod manager is not important.
Tested on version 1.35.x (DX9 only)
Models by Eugen Systems, Obsidian Entertainment, Bohemia Interactive, Treyarch, Infinity Ward

Version 1.3.1 – mod adapted for patch 1.35.x


DOWNLOAD 71 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 71 MB [Modsbase]

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One thought on “Military Addon for Ownable Trailer Doll Panther v 1.3.1

  1. Just one tiny advise. If you keep releasing things that ARENT updated to DX11, you going to have a terrible time trying to update em ALL again to DX11 in the future. If you dont have skills to update em to DX11 ask somebody to do it, but your mods are right now obsolete because most people DONT play on DX9 anymore. So, either you DONT release em, or you do it for your personal use and thats it. But what you doing.. (saying that you updated the mod to 1.35 but not for DX11… lol) its moronic and completely unprofessional.

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