Milka Chocolate Trailers Pack

Pack include 4 trailers all is standalone, included in traffic and HQ

Here is uploaded only one trailer for full pack go here



6 thoughts on “Milka Chocolate Trailers Pack

  1. you really need one dollar?
    please send me a paypal adress, i will give you 1 dollar.

    1. I already explained that this advertising is not working but he is convinced as well.
      I wanted to ask, you are always careful to file.log
      but the trailer does not indicate registry error? (v.1.27)
      CiaoZ-2 ??

      1. ### is wrong with you guys? I have patreon page and there is only way to enter it is pay 1$ or 1€ than have access to all mods for FREE its a just F*****G small support for me i will not be a RICH with that donations. I just collecting money to buy new dlc and games to make more mods. If you not like my mods please skip it and don’t comment bad thing about me and my mods.

        Thats the reason why some people stop creating mods because no one support it and every single guy want all for FREE

        So if you want support me be my patreon if not skip my mods and everything be fine

    2. I not need it but every donation and support is welcome. I just collecting donations to buy dlc’s and games to i can make more mods

      is not all in fcking MONEY my friend its in a respect to my mods and to a support because only with your and other people support i can continue with creating mods

  2. if i like a mod, i do donuts. i can´t do that all the time, but did it already many times, to many different modders.
    but i do not donut because i must to get a mod.
    you link to a company site, and you ask for money. you don´t see whats wrong?
    you can be proud about your work, if people donut you without you are asking for it.
    think about it.

    1. I know that but you not need pay everytime its just 1$ donation and than you have all mods for free 4 ever. I not ask for money this is patreon page option you pay one time and than have access to all mods for free.

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