Mini Cargo Pack for BDFs v 1.1

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Mini cargo pack for BDFs.

16 different types of loads.

Working only version 1.35x, because of the new version of PMG.

Credits: iconRJ
Contribution: Maury, Stealsth and Blade1974
Models: SCS and Jazzycat
Base: Flamming V
-When entering the cargo menu, look for the cargo with the “Palletized” description.
-Get in the trailer changing gear.
-Find the ‘Pallet’.
-And good deliveries.
-Drive safely



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3 thoughts on “Mini Cargo Pack for BDFs v 1.1

  1. work with Ekeri mod?

  2. Fabio Vecchio

    Hi, I appreciate your work and I thank you, but if this mod allows you to load a tractor, there is a very small problem when you arrive in the company to download. Not immediately the trigger turns green. You need to teleport. You have solved it or you can solve it ! I greet you, let me know yours.

  3. You can also use the Tandem Mod from FlemmingV, there are also loss Loads inside. 😉

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