Mirror FOV Fix


Decreases the Field Of View of the mirrors to match with real life. I recommend to adjust the mirrors like on the image.

**It may not be compatible with maps or other mods. If it’s not working, just edit the game-data.sii in the map (for example) and copy ONLY line 114 to 119 from the fix.**



6 Responses to Mirror FOV Fix

  1. develswork says:

    SCS cheats you to buy their stuff, BUT you NEVER get your wishes fulfilled the promises but nothing happens besides taking your money

    • jdwarfer says:

      That’s a ridiculous thing to say. SCS keep releasing free updates with content and improvments. They also don’t force us to buy their DLC.

    • JA says:

      develswork is either a troll or really stupid.

      So either way, responding to them will be utterly useless.

  2. 4004 says:

    Wow, someone actually mentioning that you can combine gamedata mods, kudos for public education

    • TumiliuM says:

      Hmm.. I was using the Nürburgring map and it wasn’t working… =/

  3. Dan says:

    PLEASE we want this mod for ATS…BEST MOD EVER

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