Mitsubishi Fuso Super Great v 1.2 Beta

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ETS2 1.30 compatible
-6×4 FV-R Highway Cargo Chassis
-New Zealand style custom parts
-Many part of materials adjusted

You may put author names (Koutsu,Inonaka) when you re-upload and edit the mod.
Do not upload model files to 3D library site.
Model files can use non-commercial modding only.

Model License supplies by the onerous contract.
The author will take legal actions when you violate the license.

-Speedometer is different from actual speed.(Realistic setting)
-Left-hand traffic Interior only
-Japanese Domestic Market Edition
-MAN truck dealer (EU/UK)

Koutsu, Inonaka, dorobuta


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12 thoughts on “Mitsubishi Fuso Super Great v 1.2 Beta

  1. jorgent97

    Hd video 1.30…

  2. crashed when changing cab/chassy

  3. Automobile Freak YT

    hd test video

  4. FoxOnTheBox

    Fantastic truck mod, great work! I’m looking forward to trying out your Tokyo Bayshore Map with this.

    HD Video tested on 1.30

  5. always crash when try to apply anything ..!!!
    plz make it work

  6. Teoh Zhi Ming

    Hi How to add the file into truck simulator???

  7. Thanks for updating to1.30 🙂

  8. kelvinlo494

    please make a hino700 thank you

    1. Kei with a different name, I assume?

  9. PlagueDoc

    Please make right hand interior! It will be awesome, i’d really like that 🙂

  10. Why my game have trouble when i gibe accessoris on this truck ? Whereas my game version ets2 v1.30.

  11. I cant wait to try it it looks good

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