Mitsubishi Fuso Super Great v 1.41 BETA

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Beta1.41 update
-Fix Door Visor position of interior.
-M801 Rear Tire got compatible for Default wheels.
-M801 275/80 size changed.
-Few wheel parts can not equip with default`s.
-Custom parts Icon added.(Chassis,Engine,Transmission,Paint job,Interior)

Test version: 1.30.x

Model by Koutsu Edit and Modding by dorobuta,RecycleDog Sound Effects by Inonaka


21 thoughts on “Mitsubishi Fuso Super Great v 1.41 BETA

  1. good mod,but it is car?

    1. TruckSimMods

      Test Video 1.30s:

      1. Hey man I have the mods in the mod folder”scs files” and activated them in the mod manager still I can’t find the truck in any Man dealers. Can you help me?

    1. Dimas Pandu Satrio

      excuse me,Mr.Koutsu. can you convert the Hino S’Elega into drivable bus mod? I’m looking for the drivable S’Elega but i got nothing :'( pls i love that bus model :'( I’ll appreciate if you respond it. thanks b4 🙂

      1. Dimas Pandu Satrio

        oh ya, I got the S’Elega’s from the Tokyo Bayshore traffic 🙂

  2. Amazing quality for such light mod.

  3. This truck is awesome!!
    Can you make a lhd version as well please?
    We would very appreciate it,
    thank you!

  4. Great Truck,amazing level of details!Please make right side to drive!!!

    1. I mean, left side from european roads.

  5. only right side steering wheel…trash

    1. This is the Japanese truck, in Japan or UK. they’re drive on the left it’s mean the steering wheel must on the right side, a**hole!!.

  6. i+like+wipers+very+realistic+made

  7. This is the Japanese truck, in Japan they’re drive on the left it’s mean the steering wheel must on the right side, a**hole!!.

  8. melafDIFI

    This truck is awesome

  9. Watch out, hzhrm6 is gonna start b*tching and moaning over videos posted.

  10. koragot Madaeng

    can you make left hand side steering as well?

  11. OneRandomSkinner

    Hey man! I love the truck. Just wondering, do you plan to add a template soon?

  12. wayan x gaming

    No. sound ext how to fix

  13. great quality mod…that would be great if we had more transmission and higher top speed with right hand side model

  14. Dimas Pandu Satrio

    I wish that you make the tandem version 🙂

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