Mitsubishi FUSO SuperGreat V 1.391

ETS2 1.39x compatible

-1.39 compatible
-sound definitions updated for 1.39
-clean up some old attribute
1.391 update
-dashboard font issue solved

You may put author names (Koutsu,Inonaka) when you re-upload and edit the mod.
Do not upload model files to 3D library site.
Model files can be use non-commercial modding only.

Model license provided by crowd funding achievement.
Author will take legal actions when you violate the license agreement.

-Speedometer is different from actual speed.(Realistic setting)
-Left-hand traffic Interior only
-Japanese Domestic Market Edition
-sold at Mod Dealer (FUSO)
-open window animation is Internal only.

Koutsu, Inonaka, dorobuta


One thought on “Mitsubishi FUSO SuperGreat V 1.391

  1. Sound Fix Files (set highest priority)

    I have mistakenly compressed SuperGreatV.scs
    Please use this file or extract .scs file.
    I will post minor update version at next week.

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