Mitsubishi Fuso SuperGreat V Beta1.1

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A Realistic Japanese truck for ETS2 1.28x

1.1 Update
-GPS (9.7-inch tablet device)
-European License Plate (Default) supported
-Additional Engine,Dashboard stick sounds
-add default light bars and bull bars
-Set accessory slots
-fixed D-scale chassis
-customizable bedside panel
-Engine torque simulation fix
-material setting fix
-Paint-job UV fix

You may put author names (Koutsu,Inonaka) when you re-upload and edit the mod.
Do not upload model files to 3D library site.
Model files can use non-commercial modding only.

Model License supplies by the onerous contract.
The author will take legal actions when you violate the license.

-Speedometer is different from actual speed.(Realistic setting)
-Left-hand traffic Interior only
-Japanese Domestic Market Edition
-MAN truck dealer (EU/UK)

Koutsu, Inonaka, dorobuta


12 thoughts on “Mitsubishi Fuso SuperGreat V Beta1.1

  1. UltraGeo2000

    well, i cannot find it in any dealer

    1. kingeborga

      unpack 2 scs files from ZIP into mod folder.

      PS: So much thank you, author!

      1. UltraGeo2000

        i have done so, still nothing

    2. Should be UK MAN dealer

  2. Sorry ,I had mistaken to compress the files…
    I have request admin to replace new download link.

  3. It has template?

    1. Template dose not publish during Beta versions.
      Accessories position is not determined.

      But main body part UV will not change so much.
      These are projected from Preset Cameras.

  4. the gearbox doesn’t make sense in 21st century, you need a taller final drive

  5. please the steering wheel europe

  6. I mean the left

  7. And GPS speed digital?????

  8. Thanks for a great mod! Anything you add from now on it will improve an already well done job.

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