Mitsubishi Fuso v 2.0


This is Mitsubishi Fuso mod. Work with 1.7.1 version, replace Volvo trucks, Tune has three options and chassis cabs, her salon.

Author: Thomas


11 thoughts on “Mitsubishi Fuso v 2.0

  1. Johnny trucker

    I was using the one from 1,3.1 on the new update lol, thanks

  2. wieso, warum blos sharemods -.-

  3. don’t like interior colours

  4. problems drivers wiperblade missing dash clocks too dark have to have lights on to see clocks some of texture files missing and would be better if it was standalone instead of it remove all volvos
    if fixed i would use

  5. might a dumb question, how do i get this truck? i have searched through the dealer no luck, Cheers fellas

  6. hi, thank for this truck , Good job.
    I can ask if is possible you send a template for create a skin plz ?
    and for answer at AD23 … you can buy it at Scania concesionary.

  7. it has a nice exterior shape but the interior its horrible: missing textures, wipers dont work among other things..

  8. T-Rieper-GER

    From outside it looks really great!!!
    From inside it needs much work.
    The FH-Classic as Base is great, i love the Volvo, but i dont want replace it…
    Pls as Standalone and better interior
    Have Fun…

  9. jg24sp34r

    It would be amazing to have a set of Asian trucks to use… As well, I wish it didnt replace the Volvos..

  10. Anonymous

    Why time interior crash entry?

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