Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X

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I note with it were my beginnings, and it also is not the final version of which already showed, I can not find it on the disk

This old my mod can happen to him strange things so it seems rather to clean the disk as a mod accepts improving it as all my fashion

it seems as Alpha because he has some problems and the mod will still be rozkradziony greet and have a nice test



11 thoughts on “Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X

  1. hey where but thats car ??

    1. Joe the gamer


  2. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video on my Youtube Channel

  3. please make a steering wheel on the right

  4. just tested this, lovely car, had some issues with internal sound = none …was a easy fix, typo in the interior sound def …
    I wish there was a driver in the seat, can’t fix this myself so I’m hoping for an update !

    1. just noticed while driving outside view.. driver is positioned 6 feet under ….. Killing Machine is the nickname for it then… if one drive one is already dead …. #### great to drive around, but a lot of damages 🙂

      1. tried to fixthe driver position in Blender, but everytime I get a message of missing textures when exporting it (even when importing it) so I’m stuck, just as the driver …. down under 🙂

        BEST car handling ever…. so I really appreciate if it gets updated !!!

  5. GhostDragon

    I installed the mod but I do not see the mitsubishi help! please! I would appreciate it if you would help me!

    1. it’s available at the DAF-dealer

      could be a modconflict – maybe if U have the BMW

      1. I try to take from DAF dealer and I don’t have the car there
        What version need to have?

  6. I dont have the car either. The Mitsubishi as dealer appeared with the logo too but the car is not in the list :/ I think this mod needs an update because its freaking awesome and ETS2 had too many updates since the mod’s original release date 2 years ago. :/ I hope the creator can update this

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