You must have DLC East + MMG Map Demo 3
Tested versions: 1.9.22 , 1.10.1
1.Download MMG Map Demo 3
2.Copy .scs Files To Mod Folder And Delete MMG Map.scs
3.Then Download MMG Map Demo 4
4.Copy MMG Map.scs And Past To Mod Folder
This Is Demo Version.Orginal Is comming Soon
Play And enjoy The Map



19 thoughts on “MMG MAP ETS2 Demo 4

  1. Truck LOver

    Can’t wait 4 the original version..
    This map is awesome

  2. Absolutely LOVED this map. My partner and I both sat down and explored this together after we had eaten our evening meal. We really enjoyed all of the challenges that this Map presents.

    A real pleasure to drive, with some beautiful scenery and the odd, few pleasant surprises to discover along the way.

    Overall – Very refreshing, challenging and a pleasant change from the normal (but still excellent) ETS2 default map.

    Obviously a few bugs and glitches here and there, but it is a demo after all, but we both loved it.

    Can’t wait for the final version.

    Very well done M.M.Gunawardana.

    You are very talented indeed.

    My partner and I both look forward to your future creations.

    10 out of 10 my friend…

    1. MigaraMadawa


  3. works with tsm map

    1. MigaraMadawa


  4. Read the instructions.You need demo3 first.After that you put this in your mod folger.Read first and after that start complaining.

    1. MigaraMadawa

      Thanks For Your Comment

    2. Well said Udg.

  5. MigaraMadawa
  6. These are fictional places right? Just asking because… Wien? There are already one where it belongs.

    1. there is a Dortmund in “Greece” And there is also two Alexandroupoli as well.

      [email protected]

      1. Alexandroupoli is not in Poland lol……… but its a great map!

  7. Thank you for this wonderful map 🙂 I did not expect such a quick update)

  8. what is with this map?
    looks kind of ugly ….

    1. yah! its ugly its out of reality and african city’s become part of europe what the heck..

  9. Sehr merkwuerdig und total unrealistisch. Schrott!

  10. mariano 2038

    espectacular mapa tiene sus fallos claro pero tengo en cuenta que es una demo y bueno cada vez espero con mas ansias la versión original saludos desde Argentina

  11. Driver Geo

    Someone needs to look at a map and learn some countries. E.g Dortmund and Wien in Poland and Russia

    1. The author has already explained that they do not know how to change place names yet.

      These demos are for us to sample and report bugs.

      It’s just a matter of waiting.

      Patience brings great rewards to those who have them, while those who have no patients, have already had their rewards in full.

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