MMG MAP (ETS2) New Version V1.0


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MMG MAP (ETS2) New Version V1.0
You must have DLC East
Tested versions: 1.12.1
I get RusMap v1.3 Models For This Map
Please Report The Bugs With Photo Or Video
Play And enjoy The Map



32 thoughts on “MMG MAP (ETS2) New Version V1.0

  1. TaiwanOCZ

    thx a lot …let’s play and TWITCH!!

  2. can be used with Promod? still use it with RusMap 1.3

    1. MigaraMadawa

      I don’t Know.You Can Check And Tell Me

      1. Looks work fine game loaded ok but i didn’t go yet in your part.

        1. MigaraMadawa


          1. Map work nice, 1.12. + RusMap + Promod, it’s very good to improve trucks power thank you so much MigaraM.

  3. This download address in China cannot be used, please change the download address (more commonly used SkyDrive), thank you very much!

  4. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello @MigaraMadawa. I enjoyed testing your previous version. Give me a little time, & I’ll see how this version does.

    1. MigaraMadawa


  5. my game crashes when I go to buy a truck at Hrodna and it doesn’t work with rus map

  6. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. Sorry to say just as @BahamutX commented, Rus Map v1.3.5 doesn’t connect with the map. Will cause crash to desktop during 1st loading screen.

    On a positive note, I got a delivery done……

  7. standalone map or must have another version or map installed?

  8. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. 2nd Delivery done…….

    1. ExperimentalTrucker, I’m glad that you let us see your videos of your deliveries, at first I wasn’t interested in downloading this map, but watching your video, especially the 2nd one, I decided to download and give this map a try. Thank you.

  9. Does it work with v1.11.1?

  10. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. 3rd Delivery Done…….

    Ok. I guess this is as far as I can go. If there are new cities and new roads beyond the city Brest, @MigaraMadawa please try to fix the rest of your map so your part can be added on without any crashes. Keep up the effort.

  11. @MigaraMadawa

    I ask to you keep the cities of ur map like an original and correct position as can we see on Google Maps.

    Example: Brest is not in correct location. See Google Maps. Is not at right, but is at south of Bialystok!!

    1. MigaraMadawa

      Ok Thanks

      1. I Thank you

  12. ExperimentalTrucker

    @Robert, Thanks for the positive comments. @MigaraMadawa’s last map (MMG Map Full v 2.1) had a few bugs but, it was a blast to drive/navigate on. This is one example here….

    It’s just nice/different to get away at times from always driving on the high/motorways. For those people that been playing with ETS2 for a good time now, if you really think about it, parts of @MigaraMadawa’s map resemble a certain infamous map(s) from back in the past. (I dare won’t mention the name of the author)

    For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, click on the ‘Maps’ section of this site & start to look for maps that were compatible for ETS2 v1.8.2.5 & lower. I think out of all the maps that have been published on this site, those particular maps drew the most comments ever.

    I admit, when I have some extra time, I do downgrade my game in order to play one of these maps……

    To get back on track, I was expecting/hoping that MMG Map New Version 1.0 was a continuation of MMG Map Full v 2.1. I’m hoping that’s the case, maybe something even better.

    1. MigaraMadawa


  13. hey i follow your map mods from mmg map demo v3 i played ur mods with very fun but i cant load this version when the game loading i take a crash report.Which files should i put in the mod folder?i put mmg_def(rusmap ver 1.3),mmg map m_01,mmg map m_02,mmg map m_03,mmg map and mmg models(rus map ver_1.3) what should i do?

    1. MigaraMadawa

      Only Put This Map Mod……..MMG Models(rusmap ver_1.3).scs /MMG Map.scs / MMG def (rusmap ver_1.3).scs………
      In MMG Map With New Look v1.0.rar

  14. Lincold01

    Hi there. Well just wanted to report an error.
    When creating the game inica well, it only works with “quick work”, but when buying a truck the game crashes.

    Capture Map: “Using these maps together”

    Map Truck Sim 5.1.2
    MMG MAP (ETS2) New Version V1.0
    RusMap 1.3.5


    Note: Change the names of the maps for better sequence.

    1. MigaraMadawa

      Ok Thanks.But Remove RUS Map And Run MMG Map

  15. Hey MigaraMadawa it looks like an amazing map from the videos but my game version is 1.11.1 will it work on it?

  16. I upgraded the game to 1.12.1 but Something isn’t working..

  17. The game crashes during loading can someone please help me?

  18. thx Experimental Trucker for your effort/job

  19. You must go back to school and study the political geography. Vilnius is NOT Russia!!! Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania.

  20. hi m using rusMap so does this map work with?

  21. sry wrong typing m using rusMap1.3.5.7 so does it work?

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