MMG MAP (ETS2) New Version V1.2


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MMG MAP (ETS2) New Version V1.2
You must have DLC East
Tested versions: 1.12.1
Please Report The Bugs With Photo Or Video
I Get RUSMap Models For This Map Mod
Mods For MMG Map =



32 thoughts on “MMG MAP (ETS2) New Version V1.2

  1. i have a TSM+RusMap, can i add this one to my map or i need to create a new map? sorry for my english 😀

    1. you have to start a new game.i think he is using rus base map for his base of operation thats why it won’t work with rus

  2. i mean create a new profile.


    what happens if I do not use DLC Going East?

    1. MigaraMadawa

      You Can’t Go To My Map

  4. I have downloaded it but I don’t have the full map so I only have that new part with 5 cities what should I do?

    1. MigaraMadawa

      The Map Is Demo Version

  5. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. I just finished making a 1936km run without any crashes to the desktop. I am exhausted. I will be uploading that run very soon.

    After seeing a comment made by @Lincold01 on the previous version of the map, it seems you have to have TSM v5.1.2, MMG MAP New version v1.2, & Rus Map v1.3.5 all combined together to make it work.

    I will get a garage either on the TSM side or the Rus Map side & then work my way into the MMG Map.

    Some of the names of the city need to be change because, it does give the game a fit in trying to decide where to map a route to. I think some of the names need to change to something that’s not the same as TSM city names or Rus Map names. Will update when video’s updated.

  6. ExperimentalTrucker

    Video’s uploaded & ready for viewing,

    1. i cant see any grass?

  7. Hello ExperimentalTrucker very nice video I didn’t watch it all but from what I did watch it was good…
    can you explain something to me I saw in your video that you only have a few cities in MigaraMadawa’s map and not the full map I have that too so how do I download the full map?

    1. MigaraMadawa

      My Map is Demo Version.
      Full Comming Soon

    2. MigaraMadawa

      My Map is Demo Version.
      Full Coming Soon

      1. Okay thanks for the reply MigaraMadawa. from what I already played I can say that this is a great map.

        1. MigaraMadawa

          Thank You

  8. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. @Alex. Appreciate you taking the time to watch the video. If you’re talking about the MMG Map Full v 2.1 from back in July, from looking at the pictures between that map and the current one, I don’t think everything could be combined in its current form.

    I think your question would be best answered by the map author himself.

    I would really like to see all the different versions of this map finally come together into 1 big map with the option of combining with other maps.

    1. Your welcome. Thank you for explaining to me now I understand I thought that was some mistake that I made and now that I think of this the map owner is probably working on that combined map right now so I’ll be patient. I just have one more question did you have that MMG Map full V 2.1? and if you did how was it? I can’t seem to make it work in my game.

      1. ExperimentalTrucker

        Hello. @Alex. When you get a chance, Go over to my YouTube channel….
        I’ve made a few videos on MMG Map from v2.0 to the present version.

        1. Hello ExperimentalTrucker very good videos I specially liked the one’s with the Kenworth W900B. So let me ask you what version of the game do I need for downloading that old MMG v2.1 full map?

          1. Hello again never mind what I asked MigaraMadawa answered me and said that this is demo version and that the full one is coming soon so I’ll wait and meanwhile play with this part.

  9. ExperimentalTrucker

    One more thing….Totally off subject…. is it just me or has this website at times been getting very slow to render webpages?

  10. a litte to many grass on te roads

    can y sent a picture?

  11. Dalnoboy_13rus


  12. I Like This Map. How Long Until The Full Version Will Be Out To Download?

  13. DarkXBlaze

    never been defeated in ets 2… before now..:(

    here’s a picture of my defeat.

  14. me works game with TSM_Map_5+rusmap_ver_1.3.5_for_ets2_1.12.1 but have some error in game log…

    00:02:20.058 : Unable to set the garage link name: kdop_link.garage.pinsk (given link already exists)
    00:02:20.058 : Unable to set the garage link name: kdop_link.buy_garage.pinsk (given link already exists)
    00:02:20.058 : Unable to set the garage link name: kdop_link.garage.kaluga (given link already exists)
    00:02:20.058 : Unable to set the garage link name: kdop_link.buy_garage.kaluga (given link already exists)
    00:02:20.058 : Unable to set the garage link name: kdop_link.garage.obninsk (given link already exists)
    00:02:20.059 : Unable to set the garage link name: kdop_link.buy_garage.obninsk (given link already exists)

    00:04:04.552 : Unable to find route from: company.volatile.lkwlog.pinsk to tradeaux(pinsk)!
    00:04:05.672 : Unable to find route from: company.volatile.tradeaux.pinsk to lkwlog(pinsk)!

    00:11:14.067 : [model] Unknown look name ‘green_sc’ on model ‘/model/rock/grassy_top_flat_rounded.pmd’
    00:11:14.362 : [model] Unknown look name ‘green_sc’ on model ‘/model/rock/grassy_top_flat_rounded.pmd’
    00:11:14.362 : Model data prolog failed! 0x2C95C9D791000FA
    00:11:14.843 : [model] Unknown look name ‘green_sc’ on model ‘/model/rock/grassy_top_flat_rounded.pmd’
    00:11:15.132 : [model] Unknown look name ‘green_sc’ on model ‘/model/rock/grassy_top_flat_rounded.pmd’
    00:11:15.132 : Model data prolog failed! 0x2C95C9FD37000FC
    00:11:16.436 : [model] Unknown look name ‘green_sc’ on model ‘/model/rock/grassy_top_flat_rounded.pmd’
    00:11:16.747 : [model] Unknown look name ‘green_sc’ on model ‘/model/rock/grassy_top_flat_rounded.pmd’
    00:11:16.748 : Model data prolog failed! 0x2C95CA5FA0000FE
    00:11:16.990 : [model] Unknown look name ‘green_sc’ on model ‘/model/rock/grassy_top_flat_rounded.pmd’
    00:11:17.303 : [model] Unknown look name ‘green_sc’ on model ‘/model/rock/grassy_top_flat_rounded.pmd’
    00:11:17.303 : Model data prolog failed! 0x2C95CABD1700100

  15. Is the map compatible with TSM Map 5.1?

  16. TaiwanOCZ
    So hard uphill with 49t trailer

  17. compatible with 1.12? non rusia map non tsm?

  18. why you don’t update it in 1.25

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