Möbel Mahler Trailer


We all know, that SCS Software are using lonely Trailers.
To get a little bit Color in that system, i decided to make an Trailer for Möbel Mahler. Its a company in Germany, but you can get the Trailer from all companies.
The Trailer has 4 Cargos:
Furniture, Beds, Kitchens and Ovens.

These four Cargos has the same trailer
(see picture)

It’s working, i tested it with 1.25.

Download is avaiable for 1.25.x and 1.26.x
It’s with all DLCs compactible.

– v.1.0
Added Cargo Bed and Oven
Added 1.26 Version
New Font of the Trailer
– v.0.5
Added Cargo Kitchens
Fixed the blue back
– v.0.0
Added 1.25
Added Furniture
Created Mod

Im actually planning the Möbel Mahler company for SellPlan and
some more, but that will be an other Mod.

You can edit it for private supposes.

Thanks for reading this (if you did) ?

KmunBiene, SCS Software s.r.o.


One thought on “Möbel Mahler Trailer

  1. KmunBiene

    WARNING! If you are using the English language, it may be that you get the Wrong Job with the Furnitures. If you have an truck, you will see the trailer. But just pay attention for those, who are using the jobs with trucks. The Furniture Cargo by SCS Software has 14 Tons, so please pay attention.

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