Mod Alloy Wheels v 1.2. by Afrosmiu

Alloy-Wheels-1 Alloy-Wheels-2

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La mod e compatibile con tutti i truck di gioco meno le pinze,solo con la mod di base Scania R Streamline, entrambi ribassati..compatibile con la mod RJL
The mod is compatible with all truck game less pliers , only with basic mod Scania R Streamline , both ribassati..compatibile with mod RJL
Si prega di non reuplodare e rispettare il mio duro lavoro , grazie ?
Please do not reuplodare and respect my hard work, thanks ?

Author: Afrosmiu


2 Responses to Mod Alloy Wheels v 1.2. by Afrosmiu

  1. Marcel1801 says:

    Ricer, Ricer baby

  2. willy1962 says:

    thanks very nice mod , can you make compatible for ATS ?

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