Mod-fix for compatibility Rusmap 1.4.9 and Poland Rebuilding 1.96


Mod allows to work together Rusmap 1.4.9 and Poland Rebuilding 1.96 with preservation full functionality both maps.
Correct order of files in mod folder:
Poland Rebuilding 1.96 files
Rusmap 1.4.9 files


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16 Responses to Mod-fix for compatibility Rusmap 1.4.9 and Poland Rebuilding 1.96

  1. Milosz says:

    Why fashion as I do it I added a new profile choose his control and location of my new garage and loads the end of August it remains a piece to load my game and the game crashes

  2. aleks says:

    на версии 1.18.1 не открывается эта карта.

  3. alexandre says:

    walk with Trusk sim map

  4. Padre says:

    For TSM does not need this fix, sufficient Rusmap 1.4.9

  5. texasman says:

    hi is this working with aTSM ?? i got it installt but is no change to see

  6. frachti says:

    Doesn´t work with TSM at all, I tried all variations of load order. Game crashes all the time. Even PolRel. is made to be compatible with promods, wich is totally incompatible with tsm. But I would also aopreciate a patch for TSM.

  7. ramses says:

    for me works without this fix ( promods+poland rebuilding+rusmap)…

  8. Thomas says:

    have graphic problems with tsm map when I come to Tunis and Algier 1.18. Any one who has that problem?

  9. Steini says:


    I want to ask it works without problems on DLC east & north?

  10. 4861yeti says:

    Street is Broken near Warszawa. Please Fix it.

    Correct order of files in my mod folder:

    Promods 1.95
    Poland Rebuilding
    RusMap 1.4.9

  11. slicker55 says:

    Hi Jazzycat,
    Just want to ask a question.
    My setup:
    Steam ETS2 (64 Bit)
    ProMods 1.95
    Poland Rebuilding 1.95
    Rusmap 1.4.9
    Fix_Rusmap+Promods+Port Connection 1.18
    Everything seems to be working fine together so what your ‘Fix for Rusmap 1.4.9+Poland Rebuilding 1.96′ is designed to do?

  12. Cartman1913 says:

    Hello, I noticed one problems very painful, the map bug has Gandks ( Poland) there are crosses in front of the entrance(entry) of the ferry, we cannot thus take him(it)!!
    What is nil(worthless) because in the end(final) it is necessary to do well more kilometers for the missions..
    ( To take the boat for Saint Petersburg)
    However has Saint Petersburg one can take the boat, but by arriving one is blocked(surrounded) behind crosses..
    You could repair that please?

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