Mod Maker v 0.9.0

Mod-Maker-1 Mod-Maker-2 Mod-Maker-3

Edit, Create Mods for ETS 2.
Create .scs file and copy to Game Mod folder
Copy any Mod to Game Mod folder
Create .zip for upload
Extract Base, def and dlc files
Extract community Mods
Internal Editors for all files except .pmd, .pmg . dds
Import files and folders into Mod
Mod Merge with Diff Tool checking
Two different Mod listings – Tree style, List style
Full Help file – Master file is Online so you do not have to upgrade to get latest

More – see features and news at
Please post feedback on any issues you find – at Mod Maker Website.

Download and extract installer, uninstall any previous version.
Current 0.8.6 users Click Help then Check for Updates and Update.
ver 0.9.0
New Interface
Enhanced Functions from 0.8.6
Bug Fixes
NET 4.0 packaged with installer in case not installed
Split interface into Tabs
Left click activation or right click context menu in file lists
Updated Help file for 0.9.0
Starts with Admin privileges for less errors accessing files
Reverse Mod Merge re written and tested
Fixed Create Upload Zip, doesn’t archive the whole Mod anymore just the scs Archive
Lowered the compression so that it archiving completes sooner
Some internal optimizations

Beta release for testing – Please post issues here in Feedback
If I don’t know that it is broken I can’t fix it

Author: DieHard


7 Responses to Mod Maker v 0.9.0

  1. PSR80h17 says:

    Hi, it’d be great if you add the tandem cargo system to the cargo creator like ETS2 Studio. did in the past

  2. Junek says:

    How do I use this?

  3. V0RT3X says:

    Please make a version with no installer and with all files in a .zip archive.
    Cause my computer make me as an invited and I can’t install things.Thanks.

  4. DieHard says:

    One zip file coming up, check the download site in a about a hour

  5. Buzz49ers says:

    What do I use as the base extraction location? Sorry for such a noob question, I have never modded before but love this game so much I want to start.

  6. ets2nirnoythetrucker says:

    Which version is for 1.22..I wanna make ai traffic mods include (trucks,cars,buses and others)…is that possible..

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