Mod map EU 1.4


Download this map and Replace it with old one. I fixed all new problem
which players found. This release it is with all data in one place and
you must just download it and replace with old data in there.
Be patient ,if you’ll find any New problem on map, please contact me
,here on this page in Personal message (PM) -not on the wall and I’ll
fix the problem for new release .

This time is my MOD game without my Economy_data in there and game
will be just on Default ScS . If you want use my Economy data (Hard
option) for game, you have Download link
below the map Download link.


Economy – HARD to play:

More traffic MOD:

MODs compatible with version 1.9.22. and I play with them:

MOD trailers pack which work nice with 1.9.22 and my MOD is:


24 thoughts on “Mod map EU 1.4

  1. volvo4life

    Great map, thank you!

  2. rubberduck

    Ready for Going East ?. And i have the 1.3 Version from You Modmap EU + Economy1.3 EU. Cane i overwriting the 1.3 Version or delete ?. thanks

    1. volvo4life

      (Compatible with 1.9.22 – you need DLC EAST too !! )

      1. playstationman

        so the Going east is required and if you dont have it, this mod wont work?

  3. Can you put a print of the map pls? :\

  4. does this use going east and which update or 1.9.22

    1. volvo4life


    2. volvo4life

      (Compatible with 1.9.22 – you need DLC EAST too !! )

  5. WOW !!! without Economy !!! Thank you !!! СПАСИБО БОЛЬШОЕ ДРУГ !

    1. lots of bugs ! truck just broken in the new road .

  6. rubberduck

    Great Works Thanks

  7. the retarded one

    Wow, great mod! thanks for uploading it. you are the greatest mod uploader the world has ever heard off. can I have your autograph?

  8. Does This Work Without The Ecomony File That Is Included In RAR File

    1. Volvo4life

      You need too put on your mod folder 2 scs files, number 2 and 3.

  9. WORK ON

    1. Volvo4life

      Compatible with 1.9. 22 and requires Going East DLC.

  10. MidniteTrain

    Awesome work. Thank you MsHeavyAlex.

  11. Can I just replace the old files? Or have I to start all over again?

  12. Gerald payne

    BEST ever ! ! !

  13. ChaerulHusna

    crash when i buy scania in milano and when i repair the truck..fix it please

  14. YA crash when i buy scania why ?

  15. Have you got any plans to add new countries/cities/towns?

  16. great mod as always, iv kept up to date with all your map releases and as always im speechless lol. although my game is still crashing in Amiens and with the recent update it crashes ‘just’ as i pass through the gate at Maidstone service station. not sure if anyone else has discovered this bug. doesnt matter what i drive, still happens at the exact same spot each time.

  17. Cracking map really stunning…….. Just wondering if you had any plans to put some new countries and cities in?

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