Mod Map Extension v 1.0 for ETS2

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Extension of the A20 from the cross Rostock to the cross Uckermark.
Scandinavia, Italia, France and East DLC are needed



12 thoughts on “Mod Map Extension v 1.0 for ETS2

  1. Compatible with ProMods ?

  2. please reupload

  3. Pampalini

    Loading is interrupted, crashes

    1. crashingbill001

      base map + dlc’s = refuse loading = incompatible

      1. For me, the map extension with the version 1.33

  4. For me it works with version 1.33

  5. Thanks for all Replies. So, again ####. 🙁

    1. I had a Look on my Map in ETS2.
      It cannot work, because the Route is still integrated.
      Correctly the same as here on the Screen.
      So, why this useless Upload ???

      1. Why useless upload ??? With the promods it is not synonymous.

      2. crashingbill001

        agree with JoachimK: useless….

  6. iTzSplashed

    If it would work normally i would love it, since i like 10km away from the A20 there ^^ And this part is missing on the base map sadly..

    1. Funktioniert halt blos nicht mit der pro mods

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