MOD Melhorias Avançadas v3.3

What’s new:

Version 3.3
• Adjustments and improvements in all files (Extreme Reality).
• Fuel updated 22/08/2017 (Attention to fuel price differences between countries). After crossing borders can lead to profits or losses.
• Adjusted Diesel price tables (New modifications).
• Real gas stations (Scandinavia and France have not been modified).
• Realistic GPS (Now with real background).
• Exclusive steering wheel (correct cab combination).
• Halogen or xenon headlights are added depending on the type of cabin (Compatible with new 8×4 chassis).
• You will have access to the first loan: R $ 100,000 (After having 50 jobs held).
• Access to the “Freight Market” only after 40 jobs completed in the fast jobs.
• When you reach level 30, you will be able to take full credit loans of 1,000,000 reais.
• Charge abadono fine: R $ 50,000 (Avoid).
• Real logo for equipment: New Holland TX64 (Requires DLC Vive la France!).
• Real logo for heavy equipment: Goldhofer, Wirtgen, Komatsu®, SIEMENS, Vossloh and Terex (Requires DLC Heavy Cargo Pack).
• Real logo for heavy equipment: DYNAPAC CC 2200, FLEXIROC T45, Charlleger MT864C (Requires DLC High Power Cargo Pack).
• Real logo for Eurolines travel company.
• Real logo for the Boeing 737 & Boeing 747.
• Actual display for the Volvo FH16 2009 (Official Orange).
• Fixed bug in the Low Light indicator of the Volvo 2009 panel (SCS Error).
• Acquisition of small garages: R $ 300,000
• Upgrade of large garages: R $ 900,000
• Productivity of small garages: R $ 200,000
• Productivity of average garages: R $ 500,000
• Productivity of large garages: R $ 1,000,000
• Heavy rain, fog and sounds of the most real rays.
• Updated Škoda Auto Trailer.
• Official companies DHL Express, John Deere & Air France.
• Maersk Group container ports and CMA CGM.
• Upgraded bank (Challenging loans)
• Fine-tuned fines and 100% functional vehicles (Avoid infractions).
• Fixed cost driver’s contract: R $ 1,500
• Real camera.
• New ambient sounds in the game (In cities and forests).
• The yellow light time at the traffic lights has increased to 4 seconds (Due to insufficient brake distance).
• Realistic mirror (Improves the field of view of mirrors).
• Updated colors of life (Attention Inflator).
• Corrected the names of the cab of the Iveco Stralis & Renault Magnum.
• Corrected the names of Mercedes-Benz Actros engines (OM 501 / OM 502 instead of V6 / V8).
• Adjusted the price of the Scania Streamline paint (combine with other trucks).

MOD version: 3.3
Game Release:

Elvis Amorim GA

DOWNLOAD 63 MB [mirror]

One thought on “MOD Melhorias Avançadas v3.3

  1. Hey+there.+Very+good+mod+and+idea,+however,+when+I+first+do+the+tutorial+everything+is+fine,+but+when+I+select+to+do+my+first+job,+the+game+crashes.

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