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Mod Optimus Prime Trasnsformers 4 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Release Version: ETS2 1.16.3 ( 2015 )
Mod Version ( OP_1.0 )

Version Optimus Prime TR 4 available in Store >DAFDOWNLOAD 129.38 MB

46 Responses to Mod Optimus Prime Trasnsformers 4

  1. Maestro says:

    WOW!!! Best Optimus Prime truck EVER! Good job.
    Thanks for the mod.

  2. EnzO says:

    Very very good job o_0 !! thank you man ! nice mod ^_^

  3. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    HD Test Video…

  4. Bdoel says:

    i love this truck…..many thanks…Good Jobs,,,Brow..

  5. Ghost001 says:

    Amazing Truck!
    Thanks for sharing this.

    But there´s a Problem with the rear Turn Signals….They´re not there.

    And maybe you can add a Front Camera in the Navi….Maybe to switch with the Beacon Key like the Kenworth K900B.

    Looking forward for the Update…..

  6. jaxie says:

    great mod thankes for sharing

  7. RedDemon4487 says:

    AWESOME TRUCK!!! Well done, Fabio!

    kriechbaum, can you make your Cummins ISX Sound to work with this beauty?

  8. 06_Jenia_99 says:

    Give a link to Mega please!

  9. Donti says:

    trailer plz!!! 🙁

  10. ShuqGrind says:

    I’ve been waiting for this since the first Optimus Prime mod. Well done bro,what an awesome,nice work. Hell yeeaaahhh!!!

  11. kriechbaum says:

    Hi, at least give proper credits (me and Dmitry). Thanks 🙂

    • Deezo says:

      Yep. Your sounds are stamped all over that truck. The instant I hit the key, I knew and thought, geez that’s a bit rough, not acknowledging the people who made the sounds.

  12. miracles0032 says:

    Freightliner Coronado:This original truck without the skin of his face.

  13. Gibson says:

    Light on the outside don’t even work.. if you are going to do it like that should just remove them and let us use our own lights on it.

  14. ExperimentalTrucker says:


    Optimus Prime Transformers 4 Truck working hard in TSM v5.4 land.
    Brussel to Porto 1727km run
    (With the help of TSM v5.4)

  15. kent76 says:

    thank you 🙂 well then, do you have interest to make a TF4 Galvatron Freightliner Argosy truck?Maybe it is a little easier to make than Optimus, maybe…… 🙂

  16. Dr.Rubelase says:

    Authors! Where American registration number sign plate?
    Add a badge number.

    • kent76 says:

      that will be F**kin’ ugly! This is a mod to show respect and love to great leader Optimus Prime, not a real world truck as a tool to make money for you. In the movie, Optimus doesn’t have it , at here, he shouldn’t have, too!

  17. Helldog7ks says:

    Nice truck, grat!
    But need some fix:

    00:03:32.308 : [dx9] Index stream cannot be empty.
    00:03:32.308 : [dx9] [render_item] 0 vtx/ 0 idx, mat /vehicle/truck/freightliner_coronado/materials/truck_9_lamp.000.mat – [fx /effect/eut2/lamp/eut2.lamp.add.env.rfx, bias 0] (tx /vehicle/truck/freightliner_coronado/textures/lights2.000.tobj – /vehicle/truck/freightliner_coronado/textures/lightmask.000.tobj)

  18. muppet says:

    + Nice Design & Reflections
    + Very nice truck to drive
    + Nice Dashboard but Coronado display, its the same :/
    – No Parts to add/select
    – It replaces Coronado …. NOOOO!!!! its a legend!
    – Sound needs something more

  19. mxikuh says:

    Amazing… 🙂 very good work

  20. GiuseppeNazzaro says:


  21. Martin_psj says:

    Hi I fabio amazing job I would like you to see my sounds in the last pages of I am tincho !!! I would like to have the honor of making the sound for the truck I expect an answer !!!! sorry for my bad English By tincho!!!

  22. Verdi says:

    Amazing truck yeah 🙂

  23. Udg says:

    Nice truck.But is a FPS killer.Mi laptot does not like it.From 35 to 10 fps with this truck.

  24. torben says:

    nice truck but a few problems.
    1 outside lights not working
    2 18 speed standard and 18 speed super not working correctly only has 16 gears
    3: 18 speed super transkission is broken, when shifting from 1L to 8L and then go to 1H the gearbox thinks you start over at 1L why is that?????
    basictly you only have 8 gears and not 18
    needs to be fixed
    cant find the trailer in the game

    but non the less the truck looks great

    • torben says:

      3: 18 speed super transmission is broken, when shifting from 1L to 8L and then go to 1H the gearbox thinks you start over at 1L why is that?????

      miss spelled before

      bad english

  25. aussietrucker says:

    Awesome truck the lights don’t show up as they appear in the screen shots is there a fix for this the 18 speed only goes to 16 and for some reason I can’t haul the 75 tonne cat dump truck it just won’t steer or turn but it is an awesome truck I appreciate the effort everyone has put into this project and I can see it will get better real soon

  26. eee says:

    Download not working!

  27. eee says:

    Download is broken!

  28. Snake says:

    Link dead :/

    • Silly Slime says:

      This download is broken! PLEASE fix!!! THIS IS AWESOME!!

  29. Daniel says:


  30. lee says:

    I cannot download the link is broken!!!! please fix thanks

  31. shiva says:

    out side light is not working no blue lights coming in it

  32. Danny says:

    Hey! Would love this mod but the download link doesn’t work no more. Could someone please send me a link to it. Thanks!

  33. Danny says:

    Could someone please link me to a working download link?

  34. jacob0914 says:

    can you update the truck for 1.19

  35. alex says:

    i want this mod

  36. amol says:


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