Mod Trailer Flat Bed


New Loads for Flat Bed:
– emptytank: Firewood
– hipresstank: Building Material
– overweight: Steel Coils
– vent_tube: Cement Bags

this mod is 4 years ago, is an option for those who want different loads on flat bed, could operate without problem in the current summer.

TONHO: Mod Creator – lordmodest2: Convert For ETS2 v.1.22.xx


3 Responses to Mod Trailer Flat Bed

  1. dick says:


  2. spinner says:

    Using this mod removed all the trailers from the AI trucks. Shame because it looks good.

    • lordmodets2 says:

      I do not know why did this happen, because there are no trucks or similar traffic file, do not know the mod you use, probably is some incompatibility with some mod anyway so there is no shame in this, just ignorance on their part of the because it is occurring, you should check before you claim to be correct, the only mistake of this mod that I spotted was that I did not withdrew companies (names) that I use in my game and this will be fixed in the next version.

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