Mod Trailer Fuel Cistern Standalone


Fuel Cistern Standalone – companies (agip – aral – bp – shell – total)

SCS Software and matdom1988


6 thoughts on “Mod Trailer Fuel Cistern Standalone

  1. Maximka.L

    I hope there is no problem with wheels…
    Am I right ?

    1. Apferreira Truckman

      I do not understand the question, what problem with wheels ?

  2. matdom1988

    Nice skin.

    1. Apferreira Truckman

      very nice trailer, rssss …

  3. Wheel problem in simple words:
    Old LOD-Model to 1.17 the wheels are there in the distance.
    Since Update to 1.18 there is a new LOD-Model and the wheels vanishing in the distance and popping up if you come near.
    The trailer seems flying without wheels. That´s absolute ugly.
    Unfortunately, most skinner and modder wrote nothing about this wheels problem when they load up their mods.
    Sorry for my English, shool is long ago….

    1. Apferreira Truckman

      is, I have realized this problem, here in my game, is more mod ai traffic (cars), I do not know why this problem, I think it is the low resolution of DXF files, when I put the files in dxf for high resolution greatly diminished the problem (did not solve most helped) and I always try to put the original wheels of vehicles in cars, trucks and trailer, helped a bit too, I hope someone solve this problem.

      translation by google

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