Mod Truck Scania BDF Reefer

Mod-Truck-Scania-BDF-Reefer-1 Mod-Truck-Scania-BDF-Reefer-2

Three Loads: Sea Foods, Dairy Foods and Frozen Meat

Authors: SCS, apferreira, TRUCKMAN, Flemming, Vinge, Blender


2 Responses to Mod Truck Scania BDF Reefer

  1. BahamutX says:

    does this show on quick jobs if so how do I disable it from going into random quick jobs?its annoying when you get the rear trailer with non bdf

    • apferreira truckman says:

      see the information the name of the original authors of the trailer and the truck file, and ask it to them, you may get an answer …

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