Modasa Zeus 3 – Scania 6×2


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*Bus tested in – Ats v1.4.x – v1.5.x – Ets2 v1.25.x – v1.26.x
Edit Ets2 & Ats – Grupo Anonymous Editions
Skin – Rick Gonçalves​ – Anderly Nolasco​ – Tigre – Jorgito Elprincipe – Brayan Sneyder​ – Novoa Steven​ – Luis Bastian​ – Stïïvën KrdënÄs Stünt – Cristhopher Paul​

Grupo Anonymous Editions


6 Responses to Modasa Zeus 3 – Scania 6×2

  1. Ron says:


    • Luke S says:

      U must have #### internet it downloaded for me in 1.12 minutes

  2. hossin says:

    hi name map

  3. QuackQuack says:

    You press the brake, a cymbal goes off. You change gears and a there’s a ####### hand clap. Have you ever been inside a Modasa? Sounds nothing like this! Learn to mod without bringing attention to yourself with stupid ### sound effects that #### us all off.

  4. pércy bravo says:


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