Modded Interior Camera

Modded-Interior-Camera-1 Modded-Interior-Camera-2

This mod contains two large changes to the interior camera
First one is the lower FOV
Second change is allowing you to enter your sleeping area via looking to the right until you’ll enter the truck’s bed

Author: Desper


9 thoughts on “Modded Interior Camera

  1. Trucker Melli

    wozu? was soll das? macht doch mal nen mod mit bettwäsche in der kabine, dann lohnt sich so ein mod mit blick nach hinten!

    1. Translated…

      what for? what is this? makes some games mod NEN wheelchair in the cabin, then a mod worth so with a view to the rear!

  2. Meh, reduced FOV??? I have two eyes in RL and don’t hold my hands on the side of my face either, so I see much more FOV!! And in RL I can turn my head to see things on the sides…

    Why would I want less FOV in game?!

  3. вован84

    дружище ты бы лучше скинул ссылку где скачать правду мерседес актрос чтобы писалось…а не мерседес акросс и имелись флажки как на картинке гирлянда и правильные буквы мерседес актрос…

    1. вован84


  4. Remingtonh

    What field of view did you set? I run modded my interior cameras to 55 degrees (down from 75 in most trucks), though I have 3 screens.

    For most people a lower field of view will provide a more realistic simulation of what you would see, if you were sitting in your car looking at the world though a 20″ or 23″ (or whatever) rectangular cutout.

  5. the FOV is set to 50 just because i feel much higher in the truck . I couldn’t stand the default (fov 77) feeling especially at higher speeds. Also i may see it differenty just because i don’t use 16:9 or 16:10 ratio on my monitor. If you want different FOV it’s literally like 1 minute of work (not even kidding) :S

  6. I’ve explained why did i set 50fov in the description of the mod but the admin or something erased like half of the thing’s i wrote… To clear that out i’ve set 50 FOV because of the height in the truck , i really hated that in the default FOV especially at higher speeds…

  7. lalidjiwo

    it nice mod ,maybe you could make it work for peterbilt and kenworth? please?

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