Modern Garage


Tested and work on version 1.22.x

Don’t Reupload !!!



8 thoughts on “Modern Garage

  1. American-Express

    *American-Express for the garage
    *Dada for pictures

  2. Password???
    Why insert the password all you???

    1. american-express

      It’s an zip archive !
      Place the archive on mod

      I insert password for protect my mod…

    2. You can remove mod password with SCS Unlocker, search it up on SCS Forum.

  3. Shauny-UK

    Thank you American Express looks really nice, well done on all your hard work.

  4. Shauny-UK

    Adding to my last….

    Sad your password will not work, for me.

    IF you do not wish to share your mods American Express then don’t put in these passwords as others like myself can not enjoy your mods and appreciate the hard work you done to create them.

    Once more thank you your mod looks great, i now wish i could use it.

    Silver Surfer SHAUNY55UK

  5. American-Express

    New lien for download the mod !!!

    Sorry for inconvenience 😉

  6. Nuttywolf

    Ok so I download this then unzipped it and it says I need a password. Unzipping it does not make it show a password.

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