Modified Peterbilt 389 v 1.5

Modified Peterbilt 389

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Version 1.5
– Cleaned chassis options ( now only 6×4, 6×4 lowered, 8×4, 8×4 lowered )
– Made front lights and rear lights as accessory
– Added custom fender from optimus prime mod
– Added new custom grille
– Added new exhaust
– Bug fixes

Thing to do and future plans:
– Tweaking def’s
– Own wheels
– More parts

If someone is interssted to help, just pm me, i’m looking for some one with 3d modeling skills 🙂
Do not reupload, you can publish on other modsites but keep the original download link !

Authors; dmitry68 & Stas556, maxx2504, viper2


17 Responses to Modified Peterbilt 389 v 1.5

  1. K-whopper says:

    Sweat update guys. Just tried truck works n looks great!!!?

    Any way would u guys update this n take off sleeper and make it a day cab and a longer low chassi . U could put prime air cleaners n step option?
    Just a thought.


  2. Peterbilt1020 says:

    Could you add different front mirrors cause the others look like bus mirrors

  3. MorelyQC92 says:

    why the truck dont turn with a big trailer and the axle down ..?

  4. Serena says:

    Still no gearbox indication on the dashboard… It’s really too bad !!!
    Choosing 8X4 chassis crashes my game i don’t know why…

    • MorelyQC92 says:

      same thing for me and when it work the truck dont turn!!!

  5. Tasja says:

    In video from creator of video i see truck sim map skin 2 is that somewhere i can download?

    I love that skin but not sure if it is open for public, if so i can not find it when using google, nor on TSM site so far

    Loe the truck nice to see more choices for options then most, keep up the good work.

  6. zack says:

    can you put a hawk in the bonnet

  7. Jd says:

    Hello i want to ask can you pls remake the interior with diferent Colors like white with dark brown or creme with black
    for this truck i dont like the interior Colors its looks borred
    To much gray i hope you wil take some time for this for now great work the best american truck for ets2 thank and have a nice day keep on trucking greetings from holland .

  8. ap says:

    why does the game crash when i go to the shop to get this truck. it always happens when i click on the front grill. i can customize everything else but as soon as i click the front grill the numbers and all the text get blurry and after a while the game crashes. can someone please help me idk why it does that. and yes i have updated to 1.19

  9. miquel says:

    can’t download my friend from google drive…perhaps maximum quota
    please make new link for this file. thanxs

  10. riley says:

    cant download

  11. Justin Woodz says:

    i cant download from google,
    give more link thanks

  12. Viper2 says:

    Hi thx for the compliments for the truck,
    I know there a bugs, it’s a work in progress mod, so I still working on, that’s also the reason it’s only on my Google drive, as until now all versions are more or less test versions, if I think the mod reaches a more final stage it will be released on other hosters.
    For bug reports and requests please go to the official forum thread in the scs Euro truck simulator forum

  13. josh says:

    love it! any chance of habing this with the lowering fenders on the transformers mod? also… umm u forgot the front turn signals lol would also love a drop visor… just a few ideas.. love it otherwise.. looks great

  14. dimask888 says:

    не показывает на дисплее передачи?почему?

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