Modified Peterbilt Paintjob Pack

Modified-Peterbilt-Paintjob-Pack-1 Modified-Peterbilt-Paintjob-Pack-2

This pack contains 4 different paintjobs in 3 variants (black/orange, metallic and customizable color) for the modified Peterbilt by Viper2 (V1.7+)

Author: ED101


11 Responses to Modified Peterbilt Paintjob Pack

  1. Paulo Costa says:

    Linda skin, continua o trabalho. 🙂

  2. nmgsyp says:

    Who is Peterbilt’s author ? What model?

  3. tropic55 says:

    Excellent thank you 🙂

  4. deathwalker says:

    Can i get link from truck mod Peterbilt so i can buy him and drive…thanks

  5. deathwalker says:

    Thanks will this do on 1.2

  6. muhammet resul says:

    1.20 ye uyarmı admin

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