Modified physics for v1.18.1.3


Fashion Description:
– Modification of physics cabin and suspension tractor & semi-trailers;
– Coeff. Clutch significantly lowered in rain * (see below).
– The effect of the new spray from under the wheels when the sediments * (See below.).
Modification updated due to changes in the latest patch material.db, chassis-file daf.xf_euro6, renault.magnum, renault.premium, scania.streamline, volvo.fh16, volvo.fh16_2012, as well as adding to the game mercedes.actros2014.
Odds for work. traction and effect of the spray under the wheels of obligatory residence in the label parameter games -force_mods, physics would work anyway.

by Loco (Hoss)


4 Responses to Modified physics for v1.18.1.3

  1. Canonir says:

    Super modes on physics for a long time waiting for the current version! Thanks to the author !!!

  2. EightyVI says:


  3. 1203 says:

    Спасибо! Очень хорошая физика!!!

  4. Piratxxx11 says:

    Really unrealistic mod… dont use this..

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