Monster Energy Pack Update v 3.0

Monster Energy Pack

Here is just update of Monster Energy Pack v2 in this update i just add few things i not remove anything from v2 so this is means all futures from v2 stay i just add few new things

Changelog of Update v 3.0:
– Added Mercedes Benz rims
– Added Open Pipe Sound Mod v2
– Changed interior light to green
– Added two special Monster Energy Route Adviser
(please choose only one and put in mod folder)

I not upload pictures from adviser because this is suprise

Instruction (You must have v2 before use v3)
Put v2 and v3 update in mod folder and activate
About route adviser please choose only one and activate but please deactivate all route adviser mods if you have before

You can request mods on

Author: BLiNKT


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