More ADR good

More-ADR-good-1 More-ADR-good-2

This mod add 10 ADR goods:
– Ethanol (ADR Class3)
– Methanol (ADR Class3)
– Hexane (ADR Class3)
– Toluene (ADR Class3)
– Toluene diisocyanate (ADR Class5)
– Hydrogen fluoride (ADR Class6)
– Ethylene (ADR Class2)
– Phenol (ADR Class5)
– Vinyl chloride (ADR Class2)
– Crude oil (ADR Class3)

Authors: Jean Pechenegs, SCS software


5 Responses to More ADR good

  1. szetland1971 says:

    defcargo… – 0 – should \sulphur\ – shortage
    10 of 11

  2. Wingui says:

    Standalone compatible with jazzycat trailers? Thanks

  3. Jean Pechenegs says:

    I forget to delete it. It is template (Next version i’ll add Sulfur to list and more stuff. đŸ™‚

  4. rallisport says:

    Are they standalone….again?

  5. Jean Pechenegs says:

    Yep it standalone

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