More ai traffic v1.5


update 1.5

compatible with 1.26.beta game version
unpredictable traffic behavior



7 thoughts on “More ai traffic v1.5

  1. Splendido

    Thank you! There are other mods that add more traffic but they also do other things that I’m not interested on. I wish modders do more “modular” releases instead of big mods that change too many different things 😀

  2. this mod in combination with the last D.B creation High Traffic Intensity mod is the best what i played right now.

    loading: on top
    first this ai traffic v 1.5
    and then D.B version 5.5.3. this one included behavior.

    other way works too, but i like this much more.

  3. nerowskyyMonster

    Very big thanks to you 😉

  4. I dont know what your mod does BUT I downloaded it
    thank you and thumbs up 🙂

  5. 🙂

  6. all my mod

  7. Вячеслав

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